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Player Gets All Command Table Companions to Level 60

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Here's another "maybe first", as Lathira has managed to level all the Command Table companions to the max level!

It's taken a lot of time and dedication to this one aspect of the Shadowlands to get all 17 available companions to level 60, as well as some serious planning and timing, but there it is!


Big congratulations to Lathira on gathering the giant amount of XP needed! Luckily there's a couple of tips to go along with the accomplishment:


On the actual leveling of the companions:

Just micromanaging them really. I made sure they were sent off as close to 24/7 as possible, on the best xp/hour missions. Upgrading the mission table early on for reduced mission time also really helps.
On sending out losing missions:

It depended on the reward. If it was anima, or runes I tried to make sure I'd win, if not I was fine with letting them die.

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Very close to it on main as well, and have 5 chars right behind at 54+ levels all across 🙂 hope blizz introduces more mission table rewards going forward but the ones that are in already are actually really good, very much on par or even better than WoD and Legion's table for gold purposes atm.

Also, a note on the leveling process, I used to do it like that but nowadays I always try to win. Why? Because if you lose it also means all of your followers died = you likely wont be able to send them in high value missions anymore for the day due to low health, and ofc forget about using any Anima to heal since you need it all for the Hall advancements 😉 so the play is generally to win as comfortably as possible and just do the missions you skipped later, with some "time left on mission" management.

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This is an awesome achievement and tough to do. I have 18 (rather than 17) companions, six of whom are at level 60. I'm trying to find out how many there are. Looking at the portraits and my command table, the one I have who isn't shown is either Sulanoom or Karynmwylyann. There are two that have the same portrait as the first one shown above. Just trying to help, congrats on this!

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