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Patch 9.1 Class Changes

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This thread is for feedback on our Chains of Domination class changes pages. Feel free to report any inconsistencies you will find here. There's a single feedback thread for all classes, so please, do not forget to mention the class page, where you've found the error.


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I am wondering when they are going to buff up the priest power word shield, cause it gets taken out in a single hit, rendering it rather pointless to use and this is against a normal everyday mob....not an elite, rare or dungeon/raid enemy.

While i was levelling, it was rather good, it lasted 10+ seconds, but as i levelled up, i noticed its scaling was....shall we say, rubbish, now against enemies my level, unlike at lower levels, takes it out in a single hit, it needs better scaling.

If you don't see the need, you might as well remove the ability all together, cause in its current state, it is rubbish at max level and is a waste of a global cooldown.

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