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5.4.8 Item Upgrades for DPS Warriors

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With 5.4.8 live tomorrow, here's a tentative list of the items you should upgrade tomorrow. The list is based on some quick napkin math and common sense, since in the end you'll end up with all your items upgraded anyway.


1. Main Hand Weapon

2. Off Hand Weapon

3. Chest/Helm/Legs

4. Legendary Cloak

5. Thok's Tail Tip/Non-580 Evil Eye of Galakras

6. Wrists/Belt/Gloves/Boots/Neck/Rings/Shoulders

7. 580+ Evil Eye of Galakras


Here's some quick reasoning behind this list:


The upgrades on both weapons are pretty much essential, considering that Weapon Damage is *by far* our best stat.

Chest/Helm/Legs are next on the list since they have the biggest stat budget of the remaining pieces.

The legendary cloak comes just after, because since the stat budget on items are exponential, it will gain slightly more stats from +8 ilvls than other items will.

Thok's Tail Tip is next, since the bigger amplification will affect all our newly buffed stats for an even greater amount, and upgrading a non-580 EEoG will get your Stormbolt closer to 20 seconds.

After that, you can upgrade pretty much anything else.

Those of us that have a 580 EEoG will wait to upgrade it until everything else is, since have CDR past 50% doesn't add anything. Reducing SB's CD under 20s or Reck's under 2m will barely change anything, if at all. The only real benefit is the increased Strength proc which you can't even guarantee to line up with CS.





As a quick end note, I would still suggest that any BiS and/or Warforged items you have be moved slightly up the list, same thing with items you think you'll keep for a long time vs items you know you'll get rid of soon.


However, it is worth noting that while the weapon upgrades will improve your DPS by quite a bit, all the others won't have that big of an effect, and therefore unless a theoretical <1% DPS increase matters for you, the upgrade priority can be summarized by:


Weapons > Everything else > 580 EEoG

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There's a slight misconception with the cloak, that it's somehow more valuable than Pants/Legs/Helm.


Lets take a look at Gong-Lu, the Str DPS cloak.



1855 Str

2902 Stam

991 Crit/Haste/Mastery


4/4 Upgraded:

2005 Str

3127 Stam

1070 Crit/Haste/Mastery



150 Str

225 Stam

79 Crit/Haste/Mastery (237 total)


Legplates of Willful Doom, H 2/2 ilvl 574

2290 Str

3795 Stam

1592 Crit

1524 Mastery


4/4 Upgraded

2486 Str

4089 Stam

1725 Crit

1652 Mastery



196 Str

294 Stam

133 Crit

128 Mastery (261 total secondaries)


Thus, the most logical upgrade order is:


1. Main Hand Weapon

2. Off Hand Weapon

3. Thok's Tail Tip/Non-580 Evil Eye of Galakras

4. Chest/Helm/Legs

5. Legendary Cloak

6. Wrists/Belt/Gloves/Boots/Neck/Rings

7. 580+ Evil Eye of Galakras

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Shoulders are within the "high stat budget" items category, so #5 for them is right.


And thanks for the numbers Hy, I'll adjust my list. Though honestly, I could simplify it a lot by saying Weapons > Everything else > 580 EEoG. The difference between upgrades other than on weapons is minimal at best.

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That's the order I upgraded my items today, essentially:

  • Mainhand / Offhand - Definitely first and foremost, without question.
  • Chest
  • Helm
  • Cloak
  • EEoG

After this I'll obviously upgrade my TTT, followed by legs, etc. All this pending any piece replacement from this week's lockout.

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hi all,


I agree with the 2 weapon priority for the upgrade. Same regarding the trinkets.


Anyway, I made my own calculation for the other items with WS from Simcraft (haste / crit / mast / str). And i have got different results than the one you said.


For exemple, top priority are the off set legs (Warforge).


I made a calcul sheet for all my items and i ordered them by decrease. So i can use my 4000 valor points efficiently.


With top gear Crit > Mast > Str > Hast. 

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I forgot something in my first post: thank you ragebarr, for setting up that list. I don´t want to sound like a brat.^^


B2T:I thought shoulders are within the same group as hands, feets and waist. Quick Search through the internet put them somewhere around 3/4, unlike the  "1" we got for helm, chest and legs.


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Haha, check, no problem :) 


You didn't sound like  brat, at least to me; I made that list a 1AM right before heading to bed, I was bound to have made some mistakes. (Which I once again did, since you are once again right). I'll update the list again.


However, I will keep insisting on one thing: After your weapons, whatever you upgrade barely matters. By upgrading wepaons, you're speaking of ~15k DPS increase for the mainhand, and ~10k for the offhand. Every single other piece of gear will increase your DPS by less than 4k, which is <1% of your overall DPS.


The actual upgrade priority list should be: Weapons > Things you won't replace anytime soon > The rest.


I don't care if my legs have more stats than my gloves; There's a chance I'll replace my legs, whereas I'm stuck with my gloves for the rest of the expac, so I'll upgrade those first.

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Is the EEoG priority different for Arms?  You know, for those weirdos that play Arms...


I wouldn't say that it is. Again, your weapon is top priority avobe all else. The increase in DPS output by upgrading other pieces may amount to around 3% - 4%. Specifically talking trinkets... if both are at the same level, I'd still probably upgrade EEoG first and then TTT but only after the weapons are upgraded completely.

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