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PvE DPS Rankings

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Guest Dfordetah

Have you even seen the logs for EU/US, Fury warrs B-Tier beeing on top on many bosses of current content..... ???

And they only become stronger compared to others in later phases... Correction is in order..

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Guest Ikk

"In a Group of Arcane Mages or Healers, Shadow Priests are invaluable" but by the means and method of your list, you communicate this message very poorly. Then justifying it with a statement of "you only want one" Allows guilds to use this to make SP the bottom of every priority list in terms of loot distribution apart from the odd item like Zhar'doom 😄

SP are the most gear dependent class in this tier, they are making the jump from T4 gear to T6, whereas everyone else is jumping T5-T6.

History repeats itself, same problem... a decade with change...later 😛

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