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Frost/Arcane Hybrid

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Hi everybody,


I've an inner conflict and would be happy to hear your opinion about. I am Rogolicious and currently i'm trying to play more arcane. The dilemma i have is, because I don't have 2nd gear, how to optimize my gear to be able play frost and arcane.


Due to an old Topic https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/3933-haste-caps-for-arcane/ and the Advise from Akraeni n it, I currently play with the 14242 haste breakpoint and i am using mage armor for arcane spec.


The latest Frost Stat Analysis from Akraen recommends 18960 haste. So my question is: Is it the better way to go 18960 haste and play all the time frost or will the dmg output of arcane be better for some encounters with a hybrid optimzied gear and which haste breakpoint would be the best.


For grammer or vocabluary mistakes I apologize





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I want to start over from my original post, because I seem to have caused some confusion.


Here is my advice:


1.) The choice of whether to play one spec or the other is based purely on personal preference.  Both specs are viable with your gear, and you should choose the one you are most comfortable with.  


2.)  If you want to play frost, the 14242 haste ---> mastery build will work just fine with your current gear.  When you get to an ilvl where 18690 haste is realistic, then you can go for 18690 haste ---> mastery.  


3.) If you want to play arcane, focus on maximum mastery--->haste.  


4.) If you want one set of gear that works for BOTH frost AND arcane, I would suggest the same stat priority that arcane uses (mastery--->haste--->crit).  The stat weights for arcane are perfectly viable for frost.


5.) If you want my true opinion (emphasis on the word opinion), I don't suggest trying to itemize one set of gear to work for two specs.  Pick the spec that you are most comfortable with, and follow the stat weights listed above. 


Simply put, I don't recommend switching specs multiple times throughout a raid because a particular spec is "better" for a certain fight. Just because one spec may be "better" for a certain fight doesn't mean that the other 2 specs aren't viable.  Frost, fire, and arcane all have the capability to preform wonderfully on every single fight in SoO when played properly.


If frost is the spec that you are more comfortable with, I would stick with it.  Even though some fights cater more to arcane, I still do a more dps as frost because it's the spec I'm comfortable with. 


I hope I was able to help in some way.  Best of luck to you!



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Nice analysis scotty, but I would disagree in some parts.
Going for the 14242 Haste breakpoint sacrifices quite some mastery for Arcane, and doesn't add any ticks for Frost, just the GCD cap.
I would go for  Mastery > Haste > Crit build, and play mastery heavy frost for the fights that it's needed.
It all comes down to what your focus is.
If you want to play more arcane than frost. go Mastery.
If you want to play more Frost than arcane go Haste.(14242 ---> Mastery)
I shouldn't really tell you what to take cause at your gear levels both specs are viable and I do not want to bias you towards a certain direction.


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