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World First Level 70 in Burning Crusade Classic

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Hacez is the first player in the world to reach Level 70 in Burning Crusade Classic. Congratulations!

The Dark Portal isn't even open for 24 hours and a player has already claimed a World First. Hacez plays a Warlock in Progress a hardcore guild on Firemaw (EU).




The whole group leveled through dungeons, so at the time of writing, everyone has likely reached Level 70. Congrats to the whole party!

Source: Reddit

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54 minutes ago, Kayrius said:

classic with lots of addons

Why are people so obsessed about that?! I mean addon's were a thing back in the days as well. I dont get this hate all the time 😕

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2 hours ago, Baharok said:

Why are people so obsessed about that?! I mean addon's were a thing back in the days as well. I dont get this hate all the time 😕

It's the no changes purists who just wants the game to be exactly like they remember it.. Which it never will be no matter what they do to make it so ^^

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3 hours ago, Kayrius said:

classic with lots of addons  ,gz for   lvl so fast 

I played TBC live, i was a moron of a warlock, still used addons. Necrosis was the main one I remember, and boy did the nostalgia for it's spell announcements grow old fast...

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