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<A><Gilneas/Elune/Cho'Gall/Laughing Skull/Auchindoun> Weekenders are recruiting AotC casuals!

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Guild Name: Weekenders
Realm (US/EU): US Gilneas/Elune/Cho'Gall/Laughing Skull/Auchindoun
Realm Type: Medium Pop Normal PVE
Realm Timezone: EST
Battlegroup: Vindication
Progression: 10/10 Normal 4/10 Heroic SoD
Raid Times (Times are EST/Server time): Friday Fun Night 8p (alt night; new raider tryouts) Saturday/Sunday 1:30p-4pm Progression Raid
Guild Activities Schedule: Monday 8p Mythic+ (baby keys 2-9 and TimeWalking when it's up), Tuesday 8p Warmode Weekly quest, Wednesday 8p Mythic+ (10-14 keys) Thursday 8p Mythic+ (15+ timed keys), Friday Fun Raid 8p-10p, Saturday/Sunday 130p-4p Progression Raid
Openings: LFM to fill roles for weekday mythic+; LFM to take our team to a consistent 20 person raid. LF one more backup tank that can be available for all the activities listed above. There are currently 3 tanks, but we like to have a stable of 4. MT/OT raiding roles are set.

More about us! Weekenders are recruiting 25yo+ casual raiders/players! Contact me at Chelives #1291 to join a successful, diverse guild for 9.1 Leave the politics/controversy/profanity behind and focus on the fun with us! Our AotC raid team is LFM Sat/Sun 130-4p


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Bump for 2/10 H SoD!


We're still looking for folks to come and enjoy the Weekend(ers) every day! 😊

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