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Two Very Different (and Awesome) Maps of Azeroth: 3D and Lego

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We have two distinctly different fan maps of our probably favorite planet, with a more detailed 3D version for you more down to "earth" types, and then a LEGO one for the dreamers!

First off we have Kruithne and their very faithful recreation, as it was exported from the game and rendered, but you'll have to zoom in a lot to see the details (luckily there's gigantic versions to download as well). Unfortunately Nazjatar didn't make it and Darkmoon Island's location was just guessed at/put in below Booty Bay randomly, in case you're the details sort:

I recently made a guide on how to export and render an entire continent from WoW, and that got me wondering, could I render the entire world?

So I did. At over 450,000,000+ triangles with every model at full-resolution (no texture down-scaling or mesh reduction), here it is, complete with buildings, cities and more.

16k: azeroth_16k.png

8k: https://www.kruithne.net/home/files/renders/azeroth_8k.png

4k: https://www.kruithne.net/home/files/renders/azeroth_4k.png

If you're interested, I post a lot of guides about various WoW 3D stuff with scripts, add-ons and more over on my Patreon.
North-East of Broken Isles would be Exile's Reach, and South-West of Booty Bay is Darkmoon Island.
I had some issues with Nazjatar that I didn’t want to invest the time to fix, so it got axed at the last minute unfortunately.
Correct, however in-game the burnt version of Teldrassil is just a giant 2D picture (billboard), so including it didn’t look right.


And now the other, slightly more abstract map, by sn4kech4rmer:

"LEGO released a World Map set, but I attempted to do a different world map."


I tried to build a map of Azeroth based off the post-Shattering map in Chronicle, but I'm not creative enough to know what to do with all the empty space, so I ended up taking it apart and building the actual World Map. Thought you guys would appreciate it anyway!

So, which of the two would you put on your wall?

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huh, looking at that rendered map, I guess I never appreciated just how large Zul'Gurub was before.

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Scaling seems to get complicated and odd when you begin comparing areas, like Zul'Gurub with Echo Isles, Blackrock Mountain with Icecrown Citadel, Darkmoon Faire with Quel'thalas. I'm not slighting the artist though, I think it's just the nature of the beast.


Visually it looks quite awesome!

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