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ring requiring a ton of changes

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So i finally swapped out this god awful burdened timeless isle ring i just could not get rid of with the paragons ring (553).


However, when i ran over to AMR to see what to change, it is telling me to change a rediculous amount of things just for a ring. Its saying i need 5 reforges, 2 enchant changes, and a handful of gem swaps. 


Its also showing these changes as loosing 2.79% mastery, gaining .45% crit, and loosing 1.26% hit (to get it back down to 15%)...and all this is just to get my haste back to 30.01% buffed (currently at 29.20%) 


should i be giving up that much mastery? with none of these changes im at 131.55% buffed (and 24.21% crit).


how important is is to hit that 30.01% haste breakpoint?


I think due to my sockets there is no easy way to just get rid of hit and swap in say, a fractured.

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Your first question to whether or not your 30% Haste means anything is no - Pandemic takes care of that.  As long as you snapshot your stuff, you should be fine.  AMR does something weird with overvaluing Haste.  It does it for me and I have no idea why.  Even when I make Haste a value of 0 for that stat weights, it wants me to get to 40%.  It sounds like it's trying to get you to the 9778 breakpoint which isn't bad.  Sometimes, it's better if you just look at your stats and manually reforge rather than relying on a program that can confuse you further.

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