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Warrior One-Shot With 6 Abilities at Once

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Rextroy showcases a Warrior one-shot with 6 abilities at once in his latest video.


This combo reminds me a bit of the pre-patch Warrior one shot, with a few different abilities and way more modifiers!

The ability combo we will do at the same time is:

  • Shattering Throw
  • Charge (Warbringer Talent)
  • Dragon Roar
  • Dragon Charge
  • Ravager dot tick
  • Mortal Strike... (as prot?)


Power-Up macro

/cast Conqueror's banner

/cast avatar

/cast fireblood

/use unchained gladiator's badge of ferocity

/use potion of spectral strength

After charge:

/cast dragon roar

/cast dragon charge

The part that the one-shot is mostly built around is the Mortal Strike, which we will obtain from the legendary "Unhinged". It is an Arms legendary that makes Bladestorm do two Mortal Strikes on random targets nearby.

This legendary works with Ravager (even as prot), but you will only cast one Mortal Strike, and this Mortal Strike will happen on the third tick of Ravager.

It also requires you to use a 2-handed weapon (since Mortal Strike requires a 2-hander). Since the proc is off the global cooldown, we can line this up with a lot of other abilities to cause massive damage at once.

Using 0% haste, we are able to perform the following:

  • Ravager
  • Global Cooldown (I used Conqueror's Banner here)
  • Stormbolt
  • Shattering Throw into charge

By the time we reached the enemy, the Mortal Strike would go off. It is important that the distance you used your Ravager is exactly the same as the distance your charge will be. Because otherwise, your Mortal Strike will go off when you are out of the melee range of the target.

The reason this is important is because of the conduit "Mortal Combo" which gives you a chance to proc another Mortal Strike, as long as you are in melee range when the first one from Ravager happens.

Overall this combo took a lot of testing to figure out the most optimal covenant. I thought of going Bastion to line up Spear of Bastion + Light's Reckoning, Bron's Call to Action as well as a trinket to perform a whole 10 abilities at once, but decided to stay Necrolord because of its insane amount of modifiers. I also thought of Night Fae but will keep that for another combo...

The Necrolord bonuses we get are the following:

  • Volatile Solvent (120 mastery and 2% strength) about 5% damage boost, more if you include giants
  • Plaguey's Preemptive Strike, 12% damage boost. You need to respawn or relog for the buff to work on the same target after you got it to proc.
  • Conqueror's Banner, around 10% damage boost from the Mastery
  • Veteran's Repute, mine gives me 14% more strength, depending on conduit level.

To do the whole combo, you do the following: Bait the enemy trinket with Intimidating Shout, or assume they don't trinket the first Stormbolt cast.

Use Ravager near or on the enemy (the most important thing is that the ravager is on the enemy by the time Mortal Strike would go off)

Use Conqueror's Banner and other modifiers Stormbolt to stun the enemy Shattering Throw into Charge (with Warbringer PvP talent)

Dragon Roar once you reached the enemy, and Dragon Charge

Also you can toggle walking to make sure Dragon Charge doesn't launch you far away! This whole combo should be about 40k damage, more if you get additional crits! (esp if Dragon Roar crits)

Thank you all for watching!

Here's the one-shot in action.

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It's def a burst combo, but really shouldn't be called "one-shot".


Critting someone with a 40k Starsurge with intense mastery stacking is a one-shot.

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The Very fact that you need to use 6 abilities means it is NOT a one-shot kill type of thing....

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