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Suggestions as to what I can do better or how I can improve?

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Sha of Pride is my main concern right now, 250k and up is acceptable, the other dpses are doing 300k+



I've improved since then, doing 220k-240k 2h dps on Sha of Pride.
200-220k as DW.

I know I need the Thok trinket over the fusion core and i've been trying SO LONG for one, as you'll see by my armoury kills. Once I do get my hands on one, i'll swap TTT and FFC depending on the fight.
Also still no Xifengs. >_< I'm looking at moving into DW though much more experienced with 2h.

I'm not worried about the 4 set, I think it's pretty trash, 5k overall dps increase if that.

for pull I cast,
#showtooltip Raise Dead
/cast Pillar of Frost
/use 10
/cast Raise Dead
DND and outbreak boss

then Obliterate spam
use my runic on frost strikes hoping for a runic empowerment proc, exhausting all runes and runic before casting Empower Rune Weapon and continuing

We ignore the adds for the first three waves, leaving the tanks to passive aoe them down. so i throw a DND at them if i can, pop Unholy Blight as they kite past, maybe a HB.

I dps the boss until the large add to comes out, DG and Asphyx it, kill it, pop AMS for Swelling, then go soak, using AMZ or IBF for the rift.

Rinse repeat.

on unleashed using my pot.

I use raise dead, pillar and my synapse spring on cd.
I mostly use AMS on Swelling and rifts, or on unstable corruption if I feel i'm going to be hit because there's just too many of them flying at me.
(does anyone know if the Unstable Corruptions that get AMSed still give you pride? I've not had the chance to pay attention, and haven't wanted to risk taking one on an AMS just to see. hahaha)

Uhhm what else. ah, I need to find a weak aura to remind me when it's 35% and I think I need to work on my dot uptime, Sha of Fear is just chaotic and it slips my mind.

Yeah. So any suggestions or if you can spot something i'm doing wrong that i've missed, i'd appreciate the feedback.

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I also see low casts of soul reaper less then 100% uptime on blood plague not so good as frost you should use plague leach over unholy blight you shouldn't use conversion or use runic empowerment you should use blood tap if your trying to min max I can't really tell with warcraft logs (i'm not use to it) but i believe you have lower then you could have casts on pillar of frost.


bu yeah make sure you get that blood plague uptime higher as 2h frost it increases oblit damage by 12.5% with is basicly 25% when you crit more soul reapers more pillars of frost(maybe) blood tap would probably help a little

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