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How can I improve my DPS?

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Here's my logs for Sunday's raid




Here's my armory (though i've gone up 6 ilvl's since the log):




I simply don't know what I'm doing wrong - besides using plague strike too much.


Anyone got any advice? Would be much appreciated!



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- Your plague strike usage is definitely really high, which means most likely you aren't gaming the runes right so blood tap and plague leech turn unholy runes into blood runes.


- Your pillar of frost uptime could be better on a few fights. with a flex Galakras trinket it should be about a 45sec cd? 20 sec duration so perfect uptime would be about 45%. On Sha your uptime was close enough to perfect at 40%, but on Protectors your uptime was only 17%.


- You aren't using soul reaper nearly as much as you could.


- A little bit more advanced, but you should always be looking for spells to use AMS on to build RP, even if you don't need it for defensive purposes. There are a bunch of fights with mechanics that I'll actually go out of my way to stand in, just so I can use AMS for 100rp.

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Having high plague strikes is fine for duel wield but basically what storm said you could probably lower your expertise 


The main thing tho is you should be working on your legy cloak you don't even have the meta and your in heroics the meta is easily a 5-10 dps increase the cloak is around 20k 

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