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War Cry Barbarian (Singer) Build

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Been playing singer barb for the last couple weeks and while most of this guide is right, a couple things to add..


Double soj if you can. The mana increase alone is worth way more than raven frost.

Shako, for mana increase.

Also, use Frostburns instead of trangs gloves. 40% mana increase is too huge to pass up.

More mana = faster regeneration. Especially with an insight merc. Imo you need to put some points into energy. Barbs only get 1 mana per energy but after my gearing and shouts I get 3-4 ?mana per energy. I put about 150 points in energy and with this gear I have 3200 hp which is more than enough and 1300 mana which hardly ever runs out due to insight on merc.


Hope this helps.

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Ive got most if not all of the "Budget" gear, merc has thresher, insight, tal mask.


Level 81, max resists, and we get stomped instantly in trav. Am I too low of level (merc scaling)?

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