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Zealot Paladin Build

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Stop promoting this build. You dont do Ressists as Zealot in the Endgame. 

Holy shild is always 20 points same is for defiance. No single point goes into fire ressist or light ressist. 

Every high dmg melee in diablo 2 is extremly expensive because of the lag of ressits, but with the right gear and charms, ressits are no problem. 

Guillaume´s face is dmg wise the better option but for ressits use Crown of Aeges socked with 2 UM.

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The additional points into Maximum resistances are for 2 reasons:

1. the hidden value. For every 2 points into a maximum resist, you get +1 to MAXIMUM resist.

2. +Resist Lightning points is a synergy for Holy Shock Aura which is the main aura of this build. So it is extremely important to get for additional damage.

Holy shield only really needs a few points in it but you will have extra points so you can add more.

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I'd throw in the idea of the budget build also being some what of a leveling build too. 

You should add Lightsabre to the budget build portion, Ive had amazing use of it, even in Hell Difficulty and its indestructible. Its also relatively easy to get too.   Any of the rune words you suggested, also throw in use Phase Blade Base if allowed,  repairing often becomes a chore as a zealer, and can get expensive.  I would also add Runeword Smoke to the discussion too, if youre going for a tanky build IE, resistances build.  Goblin toe is also overlooked too.  Cathan's Ring, for my life steal vs Angelic ring.  Most of those items I have used or still using.  You didnt give Herald of Zakarum a mention either.  HoZ is a great alternative in any of your gear builds, and imo is the best pally shield for any build out there.  Exile is really only viable in an eth vortex shield,  I would also remove Black as a suggestion, yeah stats are awesome, however knockback is a pain.  

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Added all of those, great options!

I still think Black deserves to be in the discussion because yes the knockback is annoying but it's always worth keeping for any boss. Maybe a good switch out for regular play

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Also LLammasc this is a standerd Zealer not a dream or shockadin so not use holy shock man and tou arre supposed to b a pro a lil effort into ur work would b nice and u got paid Icy viens u got jiped

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Better idea and build for you
Main Weap: Grief Phase Blade Eth
Shield: either Herald of Zak or Exile Eth Vortex Shield
Armor: Enigma Dusk Shroud or Arch Plate
Boots: Gore Riders
Amulet: Seraph's Hymn
Gloves: Dracul's Grip
Belt: String of Ear or Thunder God's
Rings: But-Katho's Rings or Stone of Jordan
Str: 200-250
Dex: 150-200
Vit: 100-175 (Higher is good)
Energy: 35-45 (No more no less)

+20 to Sacrifice
+20 to Zeal
+1 to all required skills to learn
+20 to Holy Shield
+20 to Fanctism
+5 to Difiance (adds Def bonus to Holy Shield)


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