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Insane Burst With Paladin Legendary - 16+ Damage Sources in 1 Second?!

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It's another Rextroy video, this time focusing on an insane burst window for Retribution Paladins, which can get more than 16 hits/sources of damage in within 1 second! It's all based on the Seasons of Plenty Seasons of Plenty legendary, which drastically improves the Night Fae Blessing of Summer Blessing of Summer, some legendary-juggling, a WHOLE lot of procs and, well, take a look below:

And here's the detailed explanation on just what exactly happened:

We are going to use a legendary called Seasons of Plenty Seasons of Plenty, which says it increases the effectiveness of Blessing of Summer Blessing of Summer by 100%. Making it go from 40% chance to do 30% additional damage, to 80% chance to do 60% additional damage, on all your abilities and procs. It does increase both parts by a 100%, but together it is more like a 300% increase of summers DPS, during 10 seconds. This makes ret do insane amount of damage, even more than it already is doing during burst. This buff feels pretty much like the old Reckoning days, since the Summer proc has no internal cooldown at all. The following can happen within 1 second if you are lucky:

Judgment Summer proc, Templar's Verdict, Summer proc, Sanctified Wrath, Summer proc, Virtuous Command, Summer proc, Templar's Verdict proc (conduit), Summer proc, Melee hit, Summer proc, Virtuous Command (from melee hit), Summer proc, Zeal (talent), Summer proc.

This is 16 sources of damage... It is truely insane! Perhaps you can add in a trinket or similar for even more devastating effects (or perhaps the Aura of Reckoning Aura of Reckoning PvP talent, but it is quite overkill)

We are also going to use a trick with Judgment Judgment to make it appear like it is casted one global after you press it, the trick is to turn into a toad with Magic Pet Mirror Magic Pet Mirror (special thanks to Aegis for helping me out with this in Durotar, since I don't have the pet mirror myself) This happens because of an animation bug in toad form (there are most likely similar cases with other transforms)

Another thing we are going to do, to make this combo even more devastating is to change our legendaries. Seasons of Plenty will remain on your active blessing even if you unequip the legendary before the equinox procs (the 100% bonus). This gives you 10 seconds to stack up another legendary, the Vanguard's Momentum Vanguard's Momentum, for a 12% holy damage bonus. This legendary will also remain if you unequip it. This allows you to finally change into Final Verdict Final Verdict, which does 15% more damage than a normal Templar's Verdict Templar's Verdict.

In an arena, you won't be able to change gear to stack up the Vanguard's Momentum, but seasons of plenty will work at full effectiveness. The clips you see in the video are from skirmishes when me and my friends tested out this insane legendary for hilarious results! You might want to add in Final Reckoning Final Reckoning if you are going for maximum damage over few globals time. The reason I went for Sanctified Wrath Sanctified Wrath is to be able to perform the damage in as few globals as possible.

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