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ex tank now going dw frost need some advice

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Your hit cap is high i'm assuming it's unavoidable I would suggest blood tap 

Your using obliterate you shouldn't be doing this anymore do to the fact it's such a small dps increase and you accidentally use killing machine on obliterate it's a huge loss of dps it's almost unavoidable to do it.

Only 7 casts of Soul reaper I'm pretty sure you could do better then that.

Very low uptime on blood plague only 47.5% granted some of that is do to the fights mechanics assuming you guys don't run back to the boss after shock pulse but yeah, Also frost fever i'm not really use how you have lowish uptime on that it should almost always be atleast 99.5% considering you are spamming howling blast.

(also if you take out obliterate from the rotation you should in theory fix your blood plague uptime)

According to the iron jug logs says you went blood pres for a while? idk maybe u did it to grab a bomb and forgot to go back.

You could have had about like 4ish more casts of pillar of frost you should download tell me when for this just as an easy addon to keep track of CDS.

You could have used ams more got extra runic power


This is the last pull i was looking at didn't look at the others.

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Regarding the rune regen talents. If my math is correct RE has potentially higher rune return than BT but its weakness is that its tied to RNG whereas BT has way more control. With BT you can also HB with 5 of your 6 runes if you use it correctly. In comparison, they're very close regarding output and seeing how you're just switching over to a new spec I'd recommend playing with the one you're used to. If you wish to minmax with those two talents later on, feel free to do so but master the basics first.


As for Obliterate usage, I agree with Drtain. You should do the simple rotation of using your UH runes on Plague Strike or DnD (1/2 with RE, 2/2 with BT) not to risk losing KM procs.


My log reading skills are rusty at best so I won't poke at those. I hope this was useful info. :)

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yeah i mean runic corruption is okay but i played with it as dw frost and i've had time wheres it's like okay 0 runes 30ish runic you use horn double frost strike runic doesn't proc and it's like Q.Q 5-8 seconds without doing anything in your rotation (all depending on haste and what not)

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Yesh, rng is always rng. I've switched over to BT in my dps spec, but I roll 2H so it might be a bit different. But there was a time I used RE, and I do remember those autoattack streaks if it doesn't proc. And that sucks, but can't rly do much about it if ERW is on CD.


On the flipside, it is amazing when the RNG favors you.

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I'd take oblit and SR out of your rotation entirely.  HB is going to hit harder, and tick harder with all that mastery.  Combine that with (as mentioned above) using PS/DnD with your plague runes, and you should see a pretty significant increase.

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Looking over your armory and I don't see any gearing issues, so that's good. Of course you have a lot of hit, but that's just because you have a lot of gear with hit on it. You need to be using Glyph of Regenerative Magic, though. AMS soaking is a big part of our DPS right now, so that glyph is a must have since it reduces the cooldown if it isn't fully absorbed.


Onto the logs, and there are some pretty big issues. Going to break it down into segments for you.



- Empowered Rune Weapon. Your usage here was good. 2 uses in a 7:55 fight. 

- Pillar of Frost. With Heroic Eye 4/4 upgraded, the cooldown for PoF is 40 seconds. (60/1.5131=39.65) You have 6 uses out of a possible 11. (475/40=11.875) You really, really should be using it off cooldown. Pillar is a huge part of our DPS, so there is no reason you should be saving it on Juggernaut.

- Synapse Springs. 6 out of 7 uses. (475/60=7.97) Since your PoF and SS line up, I'm assuming you have them macro'd which is fine. Make sure you save SS for PoF.

- Anti-Magic Shell. I'm listing this as an offensive CD since you really should be using it offensively. The cooldown would be 30 seconds. (45/1.5131=29.74) You had 2 uses out of 15 possible. (475/30=15.83) Since there isn't always something to absorb, we'll knock it down to 2 out of 10 uses. You can use AMS to Mortar Cannon, the ability that has a red circle graphic before it hits. You should be soaking those with AMS whenever possible. You can also use AMS during any of phase 2 since Seismic Activity is Magic damage. I'd say you missed about 8 opportunities of getting full RP, which is obviously a DPS loss.

- Outbreak. There is no reason you should ever use it as DW unless it's a fight like Protectors or Paragons and you can throw it on another target. Even then, it's really only useful for putting it up on another target and then Plague Leeching them off for runes. You should be opening with Howling Blast and then a Plague Strike. The reason you use Outbreak in 2h is because you need your runes for Oblit, which DW doesn't use. You're better off applying your diseases with abilities that actually do damage.

- Plague Leech. You used it a lot on IJ, which you really should. The only reason you should use PL is when you don't have the runes to do anything else. It's an empty global filler, meaning that you use it when you can't use an ability that does damage. On IJ, between soaking Mortars and Seismic Activity, you should rarely have to use it.

- Horn of Winter. See Plague Leech.



- Obliterate. At your gear level you should never be using it. Your mastery is high enough that Obliterate is doing less damage than a single HB on average. Your average HB is doing 188k damage by itself. That puts it above your Obliterate, which only averages 100k with MH+OH hits. Add in a Plague Strike, which is doing an average of 32k with MH/OH hits, and Obliterate is a very poor usage of Runes.

- Howling Blast. This should be the only thing you're spending Frost and Death Runes on. Period.

- Plague Strike. You should be spending your Unholy Runes on this if your target isn't going to be stationary, or Death and Decay is on cooldown.

- Death and Decay. Spend Unholy Runes on this if the boss isn't going to be moving out of it for it's full duration.

- Soul Reaper. Stop using it. It's bad as DW. Very, very bad.


That covers the important things. Also, I don't know why you switched to Blood Presence twice unless you were soaking Crawler Mines. Looking at your damage taken and I don't see Crawler Mines, so ??? You can glyph IBF if you find yourself taking frequent bursts of damage, but you really shouldn't ever be switching to BP. You're on my server, so if you need any help you can send me in-game mail or add me and I'll help you in game. Character name is the same as my username.


Edit: Also, don't use Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell if you use Glyph of Regen Magic like you should be using. It's counter productive.

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