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Taking a turn for the worse - Nearing end of SoO

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Wisest of Mistweavers,


I have progressed with a good group and as of last night we are 13/14 Normal. This week was our first trip as a group to this Paragons and Garrosh.  However, my healing output is going in the wrong direction and I am at a loss to explain why.  For most of the tier, I have been to 1st or 2nd in healing up until recent weeks.


I have linked my armory and logs from recent fights





Recent Logs:

1) http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/2vlp2nw2ef4czzv2/sum/healingDone/ (6/17)

2) http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/wilthhe1d4ve7pyc/sum/healingDone/ (6/18)

3) http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/wilthhe1d4ve7pyc/sum/healingDone/ (6/22)


Thanks for any insight


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Hey there fellow mistweaver.


Your armory looks ok from a talent/gem point of view.


Warcraftlogs are a bit easier to drill down to the specifics of your problems.


Looking at the logs and the splits of your healing your lacking in the uplift department.


This means that you are more than likely not generating/spending enough chi on uplifts.

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Thanks for the feedback.  I have switched to Warcraft Logs to help those who are trying to help me.  We finished the week out killing Paragons and then spending the rest of the night on Garrosh in numerous attempts.  I am still baffled by my low healing performance and if this is a CHI issue I really have to figure this out.  We had to bring people in for the last 3-4pulls and managed to get some 570+ healers making me the lowest at 562.  I was getting raileded by the whirling corruption everytime.  I used CD's through them and still got hit very hard.


The fight is still very new to the team, but I feel that my perf. is not helping at this point.


Here are the latest logs:



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Hi again,


I have finally had a chance to check out your logs.

I will focus on the one attempt on garrosh as i assume that as your problems are very generic that your problems are the same on each fight.




that link shows your chi over the course of the fight.


Those big long flat lines at 4 means you have full chi and have not spent it on anything.


You are not spending your chi. Spend it on uplift as much as you possibly can, even if people dont need the healing as you will gain mana tea stacks.


You had 3 uses of TFT over 7:44 on a 45 second cd you need to be utilising this more to blanket the entire raid with ReM for powerful uplifts during damage eg whirling corruption and transition phases.


Only 1 revival cast, its like a free 2M healing in 1 button.... use it.


9 expel harms. Use it on cooldown to get more chi for more uplifts for more mana tea for more mana to generate more chi for more uplifts for more mana tea for more mana to generate more chi to cast more uplifts to get more mana tea to generate more chi.....


3 useful uses of chi brew. IMO use a charge of chi brew as soon as you can so that you are maximising the mana tea element then use charges when the burst uplifts are needed.


I hope this helps some.


Mistweavers are very different to a standard healer in the way that the resources and spells interact.



Use your chi on uplift, generate more chi, more TFT usage and use revival.

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Thanks for the continued feedback. We finished the week downing Paragons and with a little more focus on CHI usage via uplifts and more casts of Revival, my numbers have turned around. We still 3 heal these fights (Disc/Holy Priest, Resto Shammy and me).

Progress is being made

Thanks again.

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Good to hear.


Just note:

You will find that as the team gets more comfortable with the fights and the dps gets higher, your hps will drop becausen the fights will get shorter and between the disc priest(provided they are any good) and shaman totems they will snipe all your healing especially in a 3 heal scenario.


This is where you can focus more on fistweaving and switch to mistweaving during the heavy damage phases only or if at all.


Happy killing :)

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