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The Most Popular Tanks and Healers for Mythic+ in Patch 9.1.5 (Week #4)

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Find out which tank and healer specializations are the most popular for Mythic+ in Season 2 so far.

DATA RELIABILITY: The data used in this article comes from benched.me. Reddit user OtherwiseUniversity7 plotted all keys available from the Blizzard API (excluding the CN region) on a single ridge plot to gather the data.

We also checked out the most popular DPS for Mythic+ yesterday.

Total Runs Recorded

Here are all the runs recorded from the beginning of Mythic Season 2 up to now. We further process it to determine the most popular tank and healing specializations in Mythic+.

newplot (92).png

Most Popular Tanks in Mythic+

The most popular tank for Mythic+ in Season 2 is Guardian Druid with more than 2.8 million runs completed thus far. In second place is Protection Paladin with a little over 2.43 million runs. In third place is Vengeance Demon Hunter with more than 2 million runs. The least popular tank is Brewmaster Monk with 990K runs.

  1. Guardian Druid - 2,800,887 runs
  2. Protection Paladin - 2,436,329 runs
  3. Vengeance Demon Hunter - 2,060,667 runs
  4. Blood Death Knight - 1,142,174 runs
  5. Protection Warrior - 1,012,615 runs
  6. Brewmaster Monk - 990,165 runs

Detailed Look at Spec Performance

newplot (93).png

Total Runs By Specialization and Key Level

newplot (96).png

Most Popular Healers in Mythic+

Restoration Shaman surpassed 3 million runs in Season 2 and is the most popular healer for Mythic+, followed by Holy Paladin (2.4 million) and Restoration Druid (1.97 million). The least popular healer is Discipline Priest with just 726K runs.

  1. Restoration Shaman - 3,077,752 runs
  2. Holy Paladin - 2,414,170 runs
  3. Restoration Druid - 1,974,414 runs
  4. Holy Priest - 1,419,421 runs
  5. Mistweaver Monk - 815,908 runs
  6. Discipline Priest - 726,227 runs

Detailed Look at Spec Performance

newplot (94).png

Total Runs By Specialization and Key Level

newplot (95).png

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    • By Starym
      It's been two weeks since we checked in on Mythic+ so it's high time we take another look. Everything seems pretty stable, despite the affixes changing, and most of the movement came from Frost and some non-Subtlety Rogues.
      Note: The logs are based on POINTS, and not actual damage or healing, meaning they log the timed completion for the specs, with higher keys getting more points, obviously. The time in which the dungeon is completed is also a factor, but a much, much smaller one, as it grants very few points if you do it significantly faster than just any in-time completion. We're also using the Normalized Aggregate Scores numbers, for clarity, meaning the top spec is marked as 100 and then the rest are ranked in relation to that peak point.
      These past weeks were:
      Fortified, Bolstering, Quaking
      Tyrannical, Sanguine, Storming (and Tormented).
      All Keys
      95th percentile
      Subtlety is not letting go of the No.1 spot ever in M+, but we do see a change in the top 5 as Balance drops out of it with a big 3 spot dip, leaving Affliction to fill the void. Shadow and Marksmanship also slip past boomkin (and Outlaw) with Havoc closing out the top 10 by hopping over Fire.

      Mythic+ All Keys 95th Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.
      All Percentiles
      We almost have the exact same top 10 in the generalist bracket, with Havoc and Survival coming in to wreck the harmony at No.9 and 10, pushing Balance and Elemental out of the way.
      Mythic+ All Keys All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.
      High Keys
      +15 Keys
      Windwalker and Subtletly continue their little dance at the top of the +15s, as the Monks come out on top this time around, but in the more significant changes we do see Marksmanship make an appearance in the top 3, jumping 2 spots up. Fire rises a couple spots as well as it takes 5th, with Havoc and Survival grouping up here as well, followed by Outlaw which is also on the rise, hopping 3 spots into 8th. Frost and Arms close out the top 10 after being pushed down, but the important thing is that all the specs are still extremely even in the +15s!

      Mythic+15 All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.
      +20 Keys
      Frost is having a bad couple weeks and it's showing in the +20ies as well, where it drops 2 spots into 5th, making room for Fury and Havoc. Fire and Shadow rise as a package deal, reclaiming 3 spots on 6 and 7, while Survival moves down 2 to make room. Assassination and Outlaw move all the way down a huge 6 spots into 13th and 14th, leaving Arcane and Arms to finish out the top 10.

      Mythic+20 All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.
      For even more in-depth data for each individual key head on over to Warcraft Logs. And if you're interested in more info on the specs themselves you can always check out our class guides or our extensive Mythic+ guides as well, which have tier lists, dungeon rankings and more.
    • By Stan
      Through Firim's journal in Patch 9.2, we learn more about the Jailer's ultimate plan and the cosmic forces. This post contains major story spoilers.
      Firim is an Oracle who maintains a journal in Patch 9.2 that reveals more information about the First Ones, the six cosmic forces, and the Jailer's ultimate plan.
      Blizzard has reworked the Zereth Mortis Pathfinder, and one of the new requirements requires you to read Firim's Journal (Tales of the Exile). Below, we highlight Parts 6 & 7, as they reveal more about the cosmic forces, the First Ones' grand design, and the Jailer's ultimate plan.
      Firim in Exile, Part 6
      The sixth part talks about the six cosmic forces.
      The six forces that pointed toward a seventh, and yet denied it. For a long while, I considered this seeming contradiction no more than another variable. An unknown waiting to be solved.
      But the song of the oracle continued to reverberate in my consciousness. And as allowed my focus to soften, my grip upon the tangible to loosen, the geometry took shape in my mind.
      It was both six AND seven. The six were one, and the seventh the other.
      Did they desire union? The song seemed to say otherwise. Both were, yet only one could be.
      The melody shifted. I shuddered at the shape it took.
      This was not a variable to be solved. It was a solution awaiting its opportunity.
      The song must not be allowed to end.
      Do the First Ones still sing it? Truly, I do not know. But if they do not...
      If they do not...
      Who will?
      Long have aI scoffed at what I learned of titans, or the void lords, or demons of the Nether. I held Death's pantheon in higher regard, but now I know that they are just as limited. Truth lies not in one direction or another, but in their intersection.
      The First Ones had parceled out their gifts, but gave no child all of them. No wonder these offspring bickered with such incessant jealousy. Their very nature was one of denial.
      Firim in Exile, Part 7
      The last part reveal's the Jailer's endgame and Firim's fears about the grand design even after the Jailer's defeat.
      Though the Jailer has been defeated and the Shadowlands made whole again, I find myself unable to celebrate these victories.
      For I have studied the inner workings of the Sepulcher. Seen the powers with which the Jailer sought to remake reality. And these observations fill me with a fear that shakes the very core of my being.
      It is clear to me now that there must be a Zereth for each force of the cosmos, and within them, an inner sanctum akin to the Sepulcher.
      And if that is true, then these sanctums must be connected on some fundamental level; a connection that the Jailer sought to exploit.
      What he began in the Sepulcher was meant to cascade outward from one Zereth to the next, until all were dominated by his power. The heart of the Shadowlands acting as a doorway to the heart of each cosmic force in turn, one after another bound to his will.
      But if his scheme was thwarted, then why is my mind so ill at lease?
      Because I have seen how fragile the pattern is. How delicate the scales that keep the six forces in balance.
      And if the Jailer, in his act of malevolence, left behind but the most imperceptible of cracks in that pattern, then I fear what is tiny now will only grow, until the balance itself is prone to be shattered by another force applying relentless pressure.
      I pray that the First Ones anticipated such an eventuality. That they would leave measures in place to preserve their grand design.
      Unless their design was never meant to endure.
      And that... that is the possibility that haunts me.
    • By Starym
      With the season of leaks upon us for 10.0, we thought it might be interesting to take a look back at this same period before Shadowlands, with all the many leaks (89, in fact) and see just how many of them got things right for the current expansion, and to put some of these 10.0 "leaks" into perspective!
      Darth_infamous brought up this very fun and useful google sheet which goes over all 89 leaks for Shadowlands, as well as takes a look at what features it got right and wrong, even ranking them all! I'm still reeling from the fact that there actually were 89 leaks for SL (and probably more that aren't covered here), but the WoW community always has been creative.
      The really interesting thing to see here is that a LOT of the Shadowlands leaks are pretty much copy-pasted over to the 10.0 ones (with some modifications for theme), but it's a fascinating thing to look over in any case, so dive in if you have some extra time or are just curious!

      Now the scoring system on the table is... questionable at best, as the highest one, "Wrath of the Bolvar", basically has nothing that came with Shadowlands other than Bolvar being involved, so I'm not quite sure what the principle of the system is. However, there are some pretty spot-on ones, like the "Cinematic transcript #1", which really looks like an early version of the intro cinematic we actually got. Then there's the more well-known ones, basically any that involve images, like the "Shadowlands #1 ":

      And of course there's the most famous one:

      In any case it's pretty fun to look through all these and especially compare them to some of the more recent leaks on 10.0, some of which we've covered already and a lot more that we'll get to soon. So head on over to the huge google sheet and let us know what you think of some of these!
    • By Starym
      After the recent update to the way we get flying in patch 9.2 (and the fact that it's probably the final version of the process) we thought it'd be good to go through all the steps now needed to unlock it, and luckily MrGM has just the video for it!
      At the moment it's looking like it will take just over 2 weeks to get it done, with the requirements being pretty easy (mostly just exploring and running around Zereth Mortis, which you can do alongside just normally playing as you would) and the main obstacle being just waiting for the third week's story chapter and finishing that off. That's a pretty big improvement over the previous iteration, where it not only took 17 days to get it, but you also had to do a lot grinding during those days to get it done, and it probably would have taken a lot longer than that for most players.
      Let's take a look at MrGMs in-depth explanation:
      And here are the actual steps needed:
      Explore Zereth Mortis - Explore Zereth Mortis, revealing the covered areas of the world map. Curious Collections - Discover 5 hidden treasures in Zereth Mortis. Path to Enlightenment - Complete the storylines listed below. Small Pet Problems Not Al Are Lost A Return to Grace Tales of the Exile - Read the volumes of "Firim in Exile" found in Zereth Mortis listed below. Adventures in Zereth Mortis - Complete 10 of the following special encounters in Zereth Mortis. Gluttonous Overgrowth Otiosen Feasting Destabilized Core Sand Matriarch Ileus Xy'rath the Covetous Akkaris Chitali the Eldest Tahkwitz Sorranos Orixal Euv'ouk Vitiane Hadeon the Stonebreaker General Zarathura Gorkek Tethos Shifting Stargorger Protector of the First Ones Mother Phestis Garudeon Furidian Hirukon Zatojin Otaris the Provoked Corrupted Architect Helmix Vexis The Engulfer A Means to an End - Complete the storyline listed below. Arbiter in the Making  
      Do you think this this a good enough cadence/speed for unlocking flying?
    • By Staff
      This week's 9.2 PTR notes have been updated with more Shaman tuning and Tazavesh changes.
      More additions to this week’s PTR!
      Shaman Chain Harvest (Venthyr Ability) now grants 3 Maelstrom per target hit when cast while in Elemental Specialization Splintered Elements (Necrolord Runecarving Power) now increases Haste by 10% (was 8%) for 12 seconds (was 10 seconds). Elemental Storm Elemental’s (Talent) Wind Gust now lasts for the duration of the Storm Elemental (was 30 seconds). Enhancement Frost Shock and Flame Shock no longer have a shared cooldown. DUNGEONS AND RAIDS
      Tazavesh, the Veiled Market Increased the cooldown of some enemy and boss spells, and decreased the health and damage on some enemies and bosses across both Streets of Wonder and Soleah’s Gambit dungeons on Mythic+ difficulty.
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