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Cross Server Fun (Fishing Tournament, Darkmoon Pit Fighter)

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So, not sure how many of you are aware, but there are some tricks to be learned before Blizzard fixes it.

Still in need of your Fishing Tournament win for your Salty achievement? Want your BoA ring or your Arcanite Fishing Pole? Read on...

What you'll need:

1 Real ID friend, a low population server 2 hours ahead of yours, and the ability to not tell your friends what you are doing

What you do: Have your Real ID friend create a Death Knight on the realm that is 2 hours ahead of yours. When he invites you and you zone into Stranglethorn, you'll be on that server, not your original server. If the new server time is 2:00pm, you can begin catching Tastyfish. Gather 40 of them and begin the magic. The key part to remember here is the NPCs to turn in your Tastyfish spawn an hour before the actual contest (1pm server), so if you've gathered the fish on another server, you can turn them in on another server BEFORE THE CONTEST BEGINS! The only thing you have to watch for is the NPC you turn in to...if she offers the reward for winning the tournament, claim your uncontested prize and enjoy your achievement. If she says someone has already won, then someone already knows this trick and turned it in. Simply have your friend create another DK on another server with the same time and have him invite you. You'll instantly appear on another server. Check the NPC again...if you can win, turn it in. If not, continue this process. I did this yesterday and finally claimed my Salty title as winning a fishing tournament on Mal'Ganis requires besting 70+ other players, even in this down time.

For the Darkmoon Faire Duelist achievement (and it's successor, the 12 claim achievement), you can repeat the process above, finding servers that hit 3, 6, 9, or 12 server, even not on yours. Find low population servers with little to no competition, claim your prize, and move onto other servers.


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