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Problem with Mistweaver Monk mana

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Hi guys

I have lots of problem with my Monk healer character..I cannot do very well heal and I always be 6th or 7th in all of raid group on Healing Done..My mana is ending middle of encounter..

What Do I have to do ?

What kind of addons Do I need to use ?

How is my armory ?What kind of things has to be changed.

What can I do ? 

as you see,lots of problem is here :/ . 



Thank you for answering..

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You might want to drop to a lower haste breakpoint in favor of more crit. Get that up to at least 30% before pursuing higher haste breakpoints. Crit is how we regen mana. Way more so than through Sprit.

As for other things in your amory link, do not gem straight int. Always go with crit+int/haste+int in red sockets depending on your needs and if the socketbonus is worth it. Also change that hybrid gem in your boots for a pure crit gem.


Seeing how the mana tea mechanics work, you don't want to be standing still not casting anything. This would work for mana on more spirit heavy healers, but for monks its actually pretty bad to do so. You need to be constantly generating chi, spending chi or drinking tea to keep the cycle going.


As for addons, I recommend getting Weak Auras 2 for keeping track of certain things. Theres a thread here in IV with some nice aura strings you can import.

As for other healing addons, I don't know much. I use ElvUI stuffs for my frames and mouseover macros for my spells.


I hope I was of some help. smile.png

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Until you get more crit your mana will be very unstable. Rushing jade wind also has a strong tendency to run people OOM with overuse, unless you absolutely need it for a certain fight, I'd abstain from it. Xuen provides a nice cooldown, and chi torpedo provides more sustained healing, with situational limitations (stacks/lines)

What is your healing style? 

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Linking logs to Warcraft Logs would help us see what you're doing more easily.

I also have a thread I this forum to help you with your stats with ask Mr. Robot.

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