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Pure FR rotation Garrosh 10m

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I was asking some questions about healing potential of stacking 4pc guardian bonus with pure spam FR rotation before and did some "research" on this through warcraft logs and my own fights.  I'm still pretty noob to raiding so I'm only up to 10M normal which is probably completely trivial for most people here, but the same principles should apply scaled higher.


In half prideful and mix match of Flex and normal SOO gear up to only ilvl 554, tanking Garrosh is already pretty easy for a bear.  I still wipe plenty in PUG's but it's never been because I can't be healed fast enough.  I tried last couple clears doing nothing but FR unless there was also a group of adds in P1 (the vast minority of the fight lasting only several seconds a few times).  Then I looked up a handful of the top ranked bears on Warcraft logs to see the effectiveness of FR vs SD only for Garrosh 10M.


So what I'm finding is even the top bears on warcraft logs who prioritize SD over FR can only get the dodge % for Garrosh up to about 40% for whatever reason.  His average hit is about 250k averaging in occasional shields, other mitigation tools, etc.  If the main goal is to smooth out damage and reduce need for heals, I'm leaning toward multiple small FR's pretty much always coming up ahead.


Anytime Garrosh is able to melee you, you are able to hit back and be generating rage.  FR has no GCD and only 1.5 sec CD, so you should never have to go > 3 secs without being able to use it.  I couldn't find any bear with average FR under 200k, even the ones who prioritize it over SD.  Even spamming 3X back to back over ~4secs, it's still hitting 120-200k each.  Even if you FR once every 2X Garrosh melee's you, if you never ever dodged a melee from your base dodge, you are still immediately reversing more damage than a high ranked bear prioritizing SD.


When you figure in a stacking 4pc HOT doing a lot more consistent healing with more FR spams, this smooths out the dmg and the heal needed even more.  The 4pc HOT seems to tic at 7k/sec with only 1 application during periods of low vengeance/dmg.  After spamming 3X FR's back to back over periods of heavier damage it seems to tic at about 40k/sec.  This is pretty significant considering Garrosh hits you 2x every 3 secs and the HOT alone can reverse 120k of this over 3 secs during the heavier damage periods which is the most important periods - even further favoring FR spam vs SD.



Just my initial observations, not sure if my math is just wrong, but in practice at least it seems to work fine for me with the heavy spam FR method even though i'm a very inexperienced PVE'er.


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