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No clue how to do AMR custom stats

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I know I should be editing my AMR weights for my Resto Shaman but I am not sure exactly what they should be. I have read about the haste break points etc but translating things into a number to put into AMR is confusing.


Here is my armoury. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/nagrand/Ermageddon/simple


I know my spirit is too high and I want to do a crit build, but just not sure what to do. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.




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Woahhhhh, 20k spirit!  That sure is a lot.


I can't really recommend that you change from 20k to 10k spirit right away, as it'll be a big shock.  Instead, I've adjusted this AMR to 14k, and I'd recommend that once you get used to it, you keep moving down another 1k every week until you're around 11k.


The weights I used are similar to the default, with a few tweaks:


Int: 1

SP: 0.75

Spirit to 14k: 0.65  (Change the Spirit cap to Static, and type in 14000)

Crit: 0.6

Haste to 5676: 0.59  (Change the Haste Soft Cap to Riptide +2)

Mastery: 0.55

Haste after cap: 0.45



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