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Druids deck

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So i'm trying to get strong Druid control deck...and i'm kinda failing hard. I kept crafting mage stuff till i realise i got sick of mage so i started crafting druid deck. I think my druid deck is already worthed 1k5 dust but i can't seem get past rank 16. If you have any suggestions how i could improve deck post it here
Innervate x1
Claw x1
Argent Squire x1
Mark of the Wild x2
Wild Growth x2
Knife Juggler x2
Healing touch x1
Earthern Ring Farseer x1
Fisheating Ghoul x2
Questing Adventurer x2
Swipe x1
Keeper of the Grove x2
Sen'jin Shieldmasta x1
Nourish x1
Starfall x1
Druid of the Claw x1
Silver Hand Knight x1
Starfire x2
Boulderfist Ogre x1
Stormwind Champion x1
Ironbark Protector x2



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I think druid works better as a rush deck if you don't have a ton of cards, it can still control the opponent minions pretty well.  I just can't imagine running a deck without two savage roars in it.  Here's mine as it currently stands:


Innervate x2

Leper Gnome x2

Power of the Wild x1

Wild Growth x1

Wrath x2

Acidic Swamp Ooze x1

Knife Juggler x2

Loot Hoarder x2

Mark of Nature x1

Savage Roar x2

Wolfrider x2

Bite x1

Swipe x2

Chillwind Yeti x2

Sen'Jin Shieldmasta x1

Violet Teacher x1

Azure Drake x2

Gadgetzan Auctioneer x1

Starfire x1

Ancient of Lore x1


It doesn't matter what I put out, it can kill you.  I especially like using Mark of Nature as a cheap guaranteed 4 points of damage to your opponent, it's like casting a 4/0 with charge for only 3 mana.  I hate Nourish, I win a lot of games on turn 5 or turn 6 and consider that card a complete waste of a turn.  Mine has plenty of card drawing but it's more versatile, Azure Drakes should be in any spell-heavy deck and even a Loot Hoarder can turn into a suicidal 6/1 for a turn before your opponent has to do something about it and give you back another card.  Ancient of Lore is just pure awesome and Wrath is a must, it's like a Frostbolt that can instead become another card while also either finishing off a large minion, taking out a weenie or even powering an Auctioneer for two cards.  Starfire has come in so handy as a turn 6 finisher I'll never take it out of the deck.

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