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demo lock dps help

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I have been playing demo lock since 5.2 and this tier is my first tier of heroic raiding. with my gear being very close to the gear cap, I came to the realization that my dps is way below what the best is, and it should be higher. I looked at WoL and warcraftlogs from the top ranks, found a few mistakes and fixed them but that didnt increase my dps much( or at all).

could someone help me and go over my logs and find literally any mistakes that I could improve on? 

armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormreaver/Impmafia/simple

warcraft logs: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/tZNFXkDyc1bf9KqG#type=damage-done&source=22&fight=10


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Before I delve into the logs, I'll just say that your stat priority isn't the smoothest or easiest to play, in MY opinion. A lot of Demo locks find haste to be very desirable to a higher cap. That being said, stats have only a small impact on your performance, as Zagam will tell anyone who dares blame dps on stats.


I'm not sure if the glyphs shown on your armory are the ones you used on IJ, which is the fight I'm looking at, but I would advise taking Soul Leech over Harvest Life, and Sac pact over Dark Bargain. On single target fights, Mortal Coil is more helpful then Shadowfury, for the 15% self heal. 


Your Metamorphosis and Shadowflame uptime look good, Doom uptime could be a bit better, but not bad. Same goes for Corruption, but for the low amount of haste you're running, it's pretty good. Solid Soul Fire damage.


I'll let the other, more experienced locks take a deeper look, as they'll be able to spot things I can't. Hope this helps, and welcome to Icy-Veins :)

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I'm not sure if adding in Drain Life is worth it with such a low haste build to be honest. It's great with lots of haste but I'm not too sure with so little.

Stats largely come down to playstyle so if you want to change things up a bit then go Haste over Crit and see how that works out.

FYI there's a Warlock in the top 5 of proraiders running Crit > Haste > Mastery so you really can get away with anything.

Can't look at logs on my phone atm.

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You were in the 89th percentile at 450k.  That's pretty good.  RNG is likely your biggest enemy as I didn't see many mechanical mistakes.  Week to week, Demo can vary by up to 70k.  Sacrifice your RNG goat each week.

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