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Hey, folks -- while I generally love Icy Veins and all its great content, why on earth in 2022 can I not get to the "manage subscription" section on the mobile site?  I must have spent nearly half an hour trying to get to it on my phone and had no luck.  I finally had to go to my desktop and access the site there; only then could I get to the "manage subscription" section.

In my fruitless search while still on my phone, I saw a couple references to the same problem from 2017!  What's up with that?

Don't want to take anything away from all the work you've done to create a really awesome site, but it would be so very helpful if you could (finally) sort out this issue with the mobile version.


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Hi fiatnix! Thank you for the feedback. As you pointed out, we're aware of the problem, and are looking at fixing it. We have had attempts in the past, and currently there is an outstanding job posting for a Full-Stack Software Engineer that we're hoping we can bring on to tackle these. But we do want you to know, it's on our radar! Thanks again.

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