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Immerseus HC

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Hello. We have a problem with Immerseus HC. We had 30 wipes, and literally I have no idea what was wrong. First we have 2 healers, then changed to 3.. still wipes ._. Problem with stacks on tank? Or something else?

Well.. I have 12/14hc, and never had problem with this boss as dps. Now Im healer, and see 'big' problem :)

Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-kbh5sfrojxjzz2hg/
The last 3-4 attempts were the best.
If you could give me some advice from our logs I would be happy.
Thanks :)

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i didnt look at anyones gear but yours, and if everyone else is around 553, and they dont really understand the fight, it's going to be rough. the important thing is the debuff. classes that can self cleanse should go to 6 stacks and self cleanse, then hit adds mostly but still pick up a few stacks now and then as healers cleanse on cd. the second the boss loses the debuff that stacks a dot on ppl the dps need to go nuts.


another thing that can trip groups up is slowing the adds. you need to kill the ones you hit fast and let the rest go. slow adds burn time you'll need to prevent enrage.


10 man is a lot tougher than 25. in 25 the mechanics are so spread out that there pretty much arent any, but in ten the lack of ppl to get the dot and the size of the room become an issue.


id slow the attempts down and make sure ppl realize that the boss's real life bar is the oozes. the black oozes are 1 point and the heal oozes are half a point and you need to get 100 points to kill the boss. the trees should be getting 4-8 heal oozes per ooze phase and the dps should be able to get the majority of black oozes without slows or stuns. having 2 trees should make the fight easier once they learn whatever trees do to get a ton of oozes healed on that fight.

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