[Ret] Confusion on Gearing/Gemming

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I'm a Holy Pally working on my Ret Set and DPS.  Here is my armory:  I had my raid leader sim my DPS, and it should be close to 275k.


  I was gemmed to get all the strength bonuses.  I ran strength/haste in all red slots.  All the small bonuses I just went pure haste.  I browsed the forums and saw 40% haste was key, so I regemmed pure hast to get me to 37%.  I added my healing trinket to replace the Klaxxi strength/Crit one to get me to 40%.


I'm not the brightest pally infused by the light, and I'm not sure the changes I made were the best.  I've ran some tests on Ordos (no timeless isle buffs) with my haste setup and been closer to 225k.  I never bothered to record my original DPS with my strength build.   The  stat weight from the sim were approximately strength 12, haste 4.75, mastery 4.5, and something lower for crit. I feel my rotation is solid.


A few questions


1.  How accurate is simulating compared to real life stats?

2.  Is using the healing amp trinket superior to a strenght/crit trinket?


I'm planning on regemming in a day or so, but I thought I would get some opinions first.  Worst case I regem and then need to regem back to haste.

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Double amp actually isn't very good, and you'd be 100% better off going Skeer's. 


Since it seems you are struggling to reach 40% haste I can understand breaking bonuses for pure yellow gems but here's my audit on your armory.


Reforge Hit to Mastery in your gloves, and change your 2 blue sockets from yellow to hit/haste greens.


On your Ring reforge Hit to Haste, and Change 1-2 gems (depending) to Exp/Haste gems, in red sockets only (try to make it so it completes a str bonus.


So it would look like this if I did it.


Reforge Hit to mastery on gloves, socket legs with Red Exp/Haste, Green Hit/Haste, Yellow Haste gem, Reforge Ring Hit to Haste, Change Boots gem to Hit/Haste Green.


It is OK to be a LITTLE under hit/exp cap, ( personally aim for 7.45 at the least if I go majorly over)


As for how accurate simming is... simming can only be so accurate as it doesn't comply with human error. You will make mistakes, or your guild's strat will be different helping or hurting you, or you'll get really lucky with procs anddo really amazing.

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