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Weekly flex runs with Krazyito!

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I've decided to start up a weekly flex run again 




I will try to do this weekly on mondays.  It will be for anyone who wants to come, i do not require a specific item level (500 is the what is set and i think that's reasonable enough).  This goal of this run is to bring anyone that may want to try to gear another alt thats been lying around or even for me to teach people how most of the fights work.



This even will be HORDE-US side, (sorry ally).  My last weekly runs were on Ally side, but since then I've transferred my main to horde.  If there is another mod out there that wants to pick up the work for an alliance run, go ahead!.


I am looking forward to helping you guys out and see you on Monday.

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should do 2 every week. and let me bring my hunter, then take my hunter into your heroics for gear, then take my hunter.

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