[Holy] Logs: Am I Heroic Ready?

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Upload this to warcraftlogs. WoL is outdated and impossible to read by comparison.


And please remove the unnecessary poll... I'm so tempted to tick every single box every time I see this.

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Hi Redrius,


Thanks for posting on the Icy-Veins Paladin forums! It's great to know that players of every skill level use these forums for help and discussion for their healing, tanking and DPS needs. 


As a member of the community, I ask that you give a bit more detail on the help needed on this post. While the title does give the direct question being asked, you only posted 1 link of the first 6 bosses on normal mode SoO. It would be helpful if you could give us direct links to a full SoO clear on normal mode rather than us trying to dig through your raid calendar. 


I'd also request that you post your armory for easy reference on your ilvl, enchants, gems and reforging style. Along with that, telling us your current healing style (EF or SH), healing composition and any other detail needed to help analyze your request would help tremendously in our review. I could give you feedback on the little I know from a non descriptive post, but it wouldn't be accurate considering this is only an analysis of a partial raid without the knowledge of even a normal Garrosh kill.


Basically, more information to help us on our review would help give us an easier review of whether or not you're heroic ready.


Thanks! :)

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For my armory, here is the link:


Logs from today:


Logs from Warcraftlogs:


Also, Malkorok to Garrosh:


Also, I am currently speced into EF because i'm primarily tank healing. I'm going to start experimenting on some fights with SH. All feedback is helpful whether positive or negative, thank you for you're time and consideration.

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Your armory link is broken.. I believe this is the right one?


Right off the bat:

  • If you're going to use Eternal Flame, make sure you try to have a 100% uptime. If all else fails, at least have it rolling on the tanks at all times. 
  • On Thok, Selfless Healer trumps EF. As you notice, your EF usage was only 2% of your entire healing. I've posted a few threads on how I feel SH should be used and it may help in your learning on the style.
  • If you want to become a Heroic healer.. you need to start using your offensive cooldowns more. Divine Favor, Avenging Wrath, Holy Avenger (if specced) and Guardian are all great CD's and need to be used to keep up with the damage that heroic content provides. Since you have your 4 piece, your DF is already reduced by 60 seconds.. make sure you use it! :D
  • Personally, I don't think Divine Purpose is that good of a talent for healing. Holy Avenger is guaranteed 3 Holy Power charges and it's a CD that you can control. RNG + Healing = #losing
  • Since you are completely reforging out of spirit, I would look into taking out the spirit gem on your ring (giving you +spirit socket bonus) and putting in another gem.. looks like int/mastery is your target.


Even if the healing is easy right now, it doesn't give you an excuse to slack on the healing. As content becomes more on farm, healing overall will become easier. This is your time to push yourself even more to see how much you can put up some BIG NUMBA. CD's will play a huge factor in your move to heroic.. I suggest starting to work on it now before you start struggling later.

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Thank you so much for the feedback! It is very much appreciated, The last few logs from malkorok to garrosh were all earlier and that was when I was told by my raid leader to start using CD's more. With that being said, the more recent logs shows what I actually use and how I use it. I think we will be doing a full clear after they down heroic Malkorok and possibly Spoils, so that would give me the perfect opportunity to try SH instead of EF. Once again, thank you so much for the feedback and I should have logs up within the next few days!

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