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End Game Fury Warrior Comparison

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Coming around the end of the expansion I am finding my dps to be almost 100k lower than a fellow warrior raider. I feel that I have great gear, and that I should not focus on replacing pieces ( just waiting for heroic warforged).


Instead I want to look at maximizing the dps with my current gear setup, but I have a couple questions and need some help analyzing the details. I ask him about tips, but all he is telling me is that my rotation is off. He is worgen (+crit racial) but I doubt this is where the difference in dps is coming from.


Here is a log from the last night of raiding.






How can my rotation be that off? 100k seems to be a lot?


Here are comparison armory.


us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kelthuzad/kaymen/simple  (warrior in raid to be compared)


us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kelthuzad/debaglio/simple (my current armory)


Any information on how to close this gap would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.





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Well that threw me for a loop. I didn't read the link and immediately noticed upon clicking that it was World of Logs and not Warcraft Logs lol; that took me some extra time to navigate as I haven't used WoL in quite some time.




That aside, I want to explain a couple of points and observations.


  1. The log you provided does not include Iron Juggernaut nor Malkorok. I list these two bosses specifically because they are the closest encounters to a "Patchwerk" style fight that SoO has to offer. These fights I am most beneficial in gauging opposed to multi-target, heavy-movement, attack-delaying fights.
  2. The second thing that jumps right out at me is your respective active times. On the only kill logged, (Paragons), you can see a huge difference in activity between you two: Kaymen @ 96.8% and yourself at 80.7%. Activity Time is best understood as time you're doing things to targets. This time goes down when you're running out of fire, waiting for intermissions, or just not DPSing for whatever reason, or in your case - you die.

    This fight, specifically, you should always be attacking something - even if you're waiting for your your next Paragon to come from the air there are other targets you can hit to keep up your Enrage buff, Raging Blow procs, etc. Obviously moving out of things also take place in this fight but, overall, the 16.1% difference is what sets your numbers apart. If you two were close (around 1% - 3% off) then you could seriously question why the numbers are so dramatic)

Some things that I can cover in these logs when comparing the both of you:


Bloodthirst usage:

Kaymen: 105 (1 Hit, 102 Crit, 3 Blocked)

You: 74 (11 Hit, 61 Crit, 2 Blocked)


Looking at this I got curious as to your respective Crit levels, unbuffed. Your armory reflects 42.35% Crit and Kayman's reflects 47.03%. That's also a significant difference as Fury is heavily Crit dependent. (I'll ignore the 1% he gets for being a Worgen.) At your item level(s), you should be running yourself in SimulationCraft to obtain custom stat weights. I say this because, perhaps, you might be able to pull more Crit from your gear than what you currently have. Maybe; maybe not.


Honestly, this isn't the best log to review for a couple of reasons:


  1. It's WoL and I'm not the greatest at reviewing their readouts. This is my fault; not yours.
  2. You provided only one fight that had one kill. This one fight is multi-target, heavy movement. You also died in this fight.


If you wanted a straight forward comparison I'd recommend uploading a parse that has a kill on either Malkorok or Iron Juggernaut and is a fight in which neither of you died. Another opportunity would be to beat up a dummy for 5 minutes or so, together, and compare notes.


Albeit not a whole lot of information, I hope this is a start for your next parse you may (or may not) provide. If you have any other questions or comments, don't hesitate to ask.

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