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Dragonflight Alpha Build 45141 Class Changes

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Did you miss any relevant class changes that went live recently on the Dragonflight Alpha? No worries, we have you covered with a summary!

Demon Hunter


  • Metamorphosis Metamorphosis - Upon landing, you are transformed into a hellish demon for 30 sec, immediately resetting the cooldown of your Eye Beam and Blade Dance abilities, greatly empowering your Chaos Strike and Blade Dance abilities and gaining 25% 20% Haste.


  • Eye Beam Eye Beam - Blasts all enemies in front of you, dealing guaranteed critical strikes for up to ${({?a320,415[{${( 12.38% of Attack Power )*10*2}}][{${( 12.38% of Attack Power )*10}}])} Chaos damage over 2 sec. Deals reduced damage to secondary beyond 5 targets. When Eye Beam finishes fully channeling, your Haste is increased by an additional 15% 10% for 12 9 sec.
  • Eye Beam (Rank 2) renamed to Furious Gaze Furious Gaze and changed.  When Eye Beam finishes fully channeling, your Haste is increased by an additional 15% 10% for 12 9 sec.
  • Demon Blades Demon Blades - Your auto attacks have a 60% chance to deal additional Shadow damage and generate 7-12 Fury.
  • Cycle of Hatred Cycle of Hatred When Chaos Strike refunds Fury, it also reduces the cooldown of Eye Beam by 3 sec. Chaos Strike also reduces the cooldown of Eye Beam by 1 sec, and an additional 1 sec when it critically strikes.
  • Momentum Momentum Fel Rush increases your damage done by 15% for 6 sec. Vengeful Retreat's cooldown is reduced by 5 sec, and it generates 80 Fury over 10 sec if it damages at least one enemy. Fel Rush, Felblade, The Hunt, and Vengeful Retreat increase your damage done by 15% for 6 sec.

PvP Talents

  • Mortal Dance Mortal Dance - Blade Dance now reduces targets' healing received by 25% 50% for 5 sec.
  • Demonic Origins Demonic Origins - The cooldown of Metamorphosis is reduced by 2 min, but its duration is reduced by 10 12 sec.

New Talents

Demon Hunter's received 2 new talents ahead of their next week's rework.

  • Isolated Prey Isolated Prey - Chaos Nova, Eye Beam, and Fel Rush gain bonuses when striking 1 target.
    • Chaos Nova: Stun duration increased by 1 sec.
    • Eye Beam: Deals 30% increased damage.
    • Fel Rush: Generates 40-40 Fury.
  • Chaotic Transformation Chaotic Transformation - When you activate Metamorphosis, the cooldowns of Blade Dance and Eye Beam are immediately reset.



  • Cycle of Life Cycle of Life Every 3 Emerald Blossoms leaves behind a tiny sprout which gathers 5% 10% of your healing over 10 sec. The sprout then heals allies within 25 yards, divided evenly among targets.
  • Temporal Anomaly Temporal Anomaly - Send forward a vortex of temporal energy, healing 3 injured allies within 10 yards every 2 sec for [ 130% 173% of Spell Power ]. Lasts 8 6 sec.
  • Dream Flight Dream Flight cooldown increased to 2 mins (was 1 min).

New Talents

  • Divide and Conquer Divide and Conquer (PvP Talent) - Deep Breath sunders the ground, causing molten barriers to form on either side of you, preventing line of sight for 8 sec.



  • Improved Traps Improved Traps - The cooldown of Tar Trap, Steel Trap, and Freezing Trap is reduced by 2.5 sec.


  • Improved Arcane Shot renamed to Crack Shot Crack Shot and changed. Arcane Shot and Chimaera Shot Focus cost reduced by 10.
  • Master Marksman Master Marksman - Your melee and ranged special attack critical strikes cause the target to bleed for an additional 7% of the damage dealt over 6 sec.
  • Calling the Shots Calling the Shots Casting Arcane Shot/Chimaera Shot or Multi-Shot reduces the cooldown of Trueshot by 1.5 sec. Every 80 Focus spent reduces the cooldown of Trueshot by 1.5 sec.


  • Raptor Strike Raptor Strike - A vicious slash dealing [ 145% 174% of Attack Power ] Physical damage.
  • Kill Command Kill Command - Give the command to kill, causing your pet to savagely deal [ 83% 99.8% of Attack Power ] Physical damage to the enemy.
  • Serpent Sting Serpent Sting - Fire a poison-tipped arrow at an enemy, dealing [ 22.34% 26.8% of Attack Power ] Nature damage instantly and an additional [ 104.52% 125.6% of Attack Power ] damage over 12 sec.
  • Mongoose Bite Mongoose Bite - A brutal attack that deals [ 131% 157.2% of Attack Power ] Physical damage and grants you Mongoose Fury.

New Talents

  • Bulletstorm Bulletstorm - Each additional target your Rapid Fire or Aimed Shot ricochets to from Trick Shots increases the damage of Multi-Shot by 25% for 15 sec, stacking up to 10 times. The duration of this effect is not refreshed when gaining a stack.
  • Salvo Salvo - Multi-Shot and Volley now also apply Explosive Shot to up to 2 targets hit. This can only occur once every 45 sec.
  • Razor Fragments Razor Fragments - When the Trick Shots effect fades or is consumed, or after gaining Deathblow, your next Kill Shot will deal 50% increased damage, and shred up to 5 targets near your Kill Shot target for 25% of the damage dealt by Kill Shot over 6 sec.



  • Dragon's Breath Dragon's Breath - Enemies in a cone in front of you take [ 58.25% of Spell Power ] 0 Fire damage and are disoriented for 4 sec. Damage will cancel the effect.



  • Stagger Stagger - You shrug off attacks, delaying a portion of Physical damage based on your Agility, instead taking it over 10 sec. Affects magical attacks at 0% 35% effectiveness.
  • Fortifying Brew Fortifying Brew (Rank 2) - Fortifying Brew increases Stagger effectiveness by 10% 15% while active. Combines with other Fortifying Brew effects.
  • Exploding Keg Exploding Keg - Hurls a flaming keg at the target location, dealing [ 189% 258% of Attack Power ] Fire damage to nearby enemies, causing your attacks against them to deal [ 20% of Attack Power ] additional Fire damage, and causing them to miss their melee attacks for the next 3 sec.


  • Life Cocoon Life Cocoon - Life Cocoon increases all healing over time received by 50%. 0%.
  • Vivify renamed to Invigorating Mists Invigorating Mists
  • Invoke Yu'lon, the Jade Serpent Invoke Yu'lon, the Jade Serpent - Summons an effigy of Yu'lon, the Jade Serpent for 25 sec. Yu'lon will heal injured allies with Soothing Breath, healing the target and up to 2 allies for [ 105% of Spell Power ] over 4.5 sec. [NYI] Enveloping Mist costs 33% less mana while Yu'lon is active.
  • Renewing Mist renamed to Mastery of Mist Mastery of Mist.
  • Thunder Focus Tea Thunder Focus Tea
    • Essence Font: Channels 100% faster.
    • Vivify: No mana cost.
    • Rising Sun Kick: Cooldown reduced by 9 sec.
    • Essence Font: Channels 100% faster.

New Monk Talents

  • Faeline Stomp Faeline Stomp - Strike the ground fiercely to expose a faeline for 30 sec, dealing [ 40% of Attack Power ] Nature damage to up to 5 enemies, and restores [ 91% of Spell Power ] health to up to 5 allies within 30 yds caught in the faeline. Stagger is 5% more effective for 8 sec against enemies caught in the faeline suffer an additional [ 65% of Attack Power ] damage. Your abilities have a 6% chance of resetting the cooldown of Faeline Stomp while fighting on a faeline. (Costs 4% of Base Mana, Instant, 1 charge, 30 yd range, 30 sec recharge)
  • The Black Flame's Gamble The Black Flame's Gamble - Thunder Focus Tea also grants Effuse, Enveloping Mist, Essence Font, Renewing Mist, and Vivify 1 extra charge at random. (Instant, 30 sec cooldown)
  • Calming Coalescence Calming Coalescence - Each time Soothing Mist heals, the absorb amount of your next Life Cocoon is increased by 3%, stacking up to 50 times.
  • Gift of the Celestials Gift of the Celestials - Reduces the cooldown of Invoke Yul'on, the Jade Serpent by 2 min, but decreases its duration to 12 sec.
  • Unison Unison - Soothing Mist heals a second injured ally within 15 yds for 50% of the amount healed.
  • Secret Infusion Secret Infusion - After using Thunder Focus Tea, your next spell gives 5% of a stat for 10 sec:
    • Enveloping Mist: Critical Strike
    • Renewing Mist: Haste
    • Vivify: Mastery
    • Rising Sun Kick: Versatility
    • Essence Font: Haste
  • Restorative Proliferation Restorative Proliferation - Each time Enveloping Mist heals, its healing bonus has a 50% chance to spread to an injured ally within 30 yds.
  • Quick Sip Quick Sip - Purify 1% of Stagger each time you gain 3 sec of Shuffle duration.
  • Overflowing Mists Overflowing Mists - Your Enveloping Mists heal the target for 2.0% of their maximum health each time they take damage.
  • Tea of Plenty Tea of Plenty - Thunder Focus Tea also grants Enveloping Mist, Essence Font, Renewing Mist, Rising Sun Kick, and Vivify 1 extra charge at random. (Instant, 30 sec cooldown)
  • Uplifted Spirits Uplifted Spirits - Rising Sun Kicks and Vivify critical strikes reduce the remaining cooldown on Revival by 1.0 sec, and Revival heals targets for 10.0% of Revival's heal over 10 sec.
  • Mists of Life Mists of Life - Life Cocoon applies Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist to the target.
  • Peaceful Mending Peaceful Mending - Allies targeted by Soothing Mist receive 10% more healing from your Enveloping Mist and Renewing Mist effects.
  • Accumulating Mist Accumulating Mist - Zen Pulse's damage and healing is increased by 10% each time Soothing Mist heals, up to 6 times. When your Soothing Mist channel ends, this effect is canceled.
  • Zen Pulse Zen Pulse - Trigger a Zen Pulse around an ally. Deals [ 13.12% of Spell Power ] damage to all enemies within 8 yds of the target. The ally is healed for [ 23.1% of Spell Power ] per enemy damaged. (Instant, 40 yd range)
  • Zen Reverberation Zen Reverberation - Zen Pulse triggers a second time at 30% effectiveness if cast on targets with both Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist.
  • Invoker's Delight Invoker's Delight - You gain 33% haste for 20 sec after summoning your Celestial.
  • Restoral Restoral - Heals all party and raid members within 40 yards for [ 283% of Spell Power ] and clears them of all harmful Poison and Disease effects. Castable while stunned. (Costs 4.3% of Base Mana, Instant, 1 charge, 3 min recharge)
  • Ferocity of Xuen Ferocity of Xuen - Increases all damage dealt by 2%.
  • Invoker's Delight Invoker's Delight - You gain 33% haste for 20 sec after summoning your Celestial.
  • Heavy Air Heavy Air - Increases the range of Crackling Jade Lightning by 10 yards.
  • Misty Peaks [NYI] Misty Peaks [NYI] - Renewing Mist's heal over time effect has a 5% chance to proc Enveloping Mist for 3 sec.
  • Dancing Mists Dancing Mists - Renewing Mist has a 10% chance to immediately spread to an additional target when initially cast or when traveling to a new target.
  • Ancient Concordance [NYI] Ancient Concordance [NYI] - Your Blackout Kicks strike 2 targets and have an additional 3% chance to reset the cooldown of your Rising Sun Kick while within your Faeline Stomp.
  • Summon White Tiger Statue [NYI] Summon White Tiger Statue [NYI] - Summons a White Tiger Statue at the target location for 30 sec, pulsing 1 damage to all enemies every 2 sec for 30 sec. (Instant, 40 yd range, 2 min cooldown)
  • Awakened Faeline [NYI] Awakened Faeline [NYI] - Your abilities reset Faeline Stomp 100% more often. While within Faeline Stomp, your Tiger Palms strike 2 targets and your Spinning Crane Kick heals nearby allies for 15% of the damage done.
  • Vivacious Vivification Vivacious Vivification - Vivify is now instant cast.
  • Fast Feet Fast Feet - Rising Sun Kick deals 70% increased damage. Spinning Crane Kick deals 10% additional damage.
  • Roll Out Roll Out - During Roll, you are immune to roots and snares.
  • Feathers of a Hundred Flocks Feathers of a Hundred Flocks - Spinning Crane Kick radius increased by 15%.
  • Fortifying Brew Fortifying Brew - Cooldown reduced by 2 min.
  • Fortifying Brew [NYI] Fortifying Brew [NYI] - Increases Dodge and Armor while Fortifying Brew is Active by 25%.
  • Rapid Diffusion [NYI] Rapid Diffusion [NYI] - Rising Sun Kick and Enveloping Mist apply Renewing Mist for 3 seconds to an ally within 0 to 40 yds.
  • Rising Star Rising Star - Rising Sun Kick damage increased by 10%.
  • Crane Vortex Crane Vortex - Spinning Crane Kick damage increased by 10%.
  • Flashing Fists Flashing Fists - Fists of Fury damage increased by 10%.
  • Touch of the Tiger Touch of the Tiger - Tiger Palm damage increased by 25%.
  • Improved Detox Improved Detox - Detox additionally removes all Poison and Disease effects.
  • Fortifying Brew Fortifying Brew - Turns your skin to stone for 15 sec, increasing your current and maximum health by 15% and reducing all damage you take by 15%. Combines with other Fortifying Brew effects.
  • Exploding Keg Exploding Keg - Hurls a flaming keg at the target location, dealing [ 258% of Attack Power ] Fire damage to nearby enemies, causing your attacks against them to deal [ 20% of Attack Power ] additional Fire damage, and causing them to miss their melee attacks for the next 3 sec.


New Talents

  • Barrier of Faith Barrier of Faith - Imbue a friendly target with a Barrier of Faith, healing them for [ 65% of Spell Power ]. For the next 18 sec, Barrier of Faith accumulates 20% of effective healing from your Flash of Light or Holy Light spells. Every 6 sec, the accumulated healing becomes an absorb shield.



  • Surge of Power Surge of Power Chain Lightning: Your next cast will chain to 1 additional target.



  • Rain of Fire Rain of Fire - Calls down a rain of hellfire, dealing [ 108% 86.4% of Spell Power ] Fire damage over 8 sec to enemies in the area.
  • Soul Conduit Soul Conduit - Every Soul Shard you spend has a 7% 5% chance to be refunded.


  • Backdraft Backdraft - Conflagrate reduces the cast time of your next Incinerate, Chaos Bolt Bolt, or Soul Fire by 30%. Maximum 2/4 charges.
  • Summon Infernal Summon Infernal - The Infernal will serve you for 30 sec, dealing [ 55% 44% of Spell Power ] damage to all nearby enemies every 2 sec and generating 1 Soul Shard Fragment every 0.5 sec.

New Talents

  • Drain Soul Drain Soul - Drains the target's soul, causing [ 175.78% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage over 5 sec. Damage is increased by 100% against enemies below 20% health. Generates 1 Soul Shard if the target dies during this effect.
  • Scalding Flames Scalding Flames - Increases the damage of Immolate by 13%.
  • Devour Magic Devour Magic (Command Demon Ability) - Purges 1 beneficial magic effect from an enemy. If an effect is devoured, the Warlock is healed for [ 80% of Spell Power ]. (Costs 2% of Base Mana, Instant, 30 yd range, 15 sec cooldown)
  • Explosive Potential Explosive Potential - Reduces the cooldown of Conflagrate by 2 sec.



  • Slam Slam - Slams an opponent, causing [ 35% of Attack Power ] Physical damage. Generates 5 Rage.


  • Slam Slam damage and healing increased by 40%.
  • Skullsplitter Skullsplitter - Cooldown is now 30 seconds (was 24).
  • Impending Victory Impending Victory - Instantly attack the target, causing [ 50% of Attack Power ] damage and healing you for 40% 30% of your maximum health.


  • Impending Victory Impending Victory - Instantly attack the target, causing [ 50% of Attack Power ] damage and healing you for 40% 30% of your maximum health.


  • Thunder Clap Prot Hidden Thunder Clap Prot Hidden - Reduce the rage cost of Thunder Clap by 250 300 and Thunder Clap generates 50 rage.
  • Thunder Clap Thunder Clap now costs 30 Rage (was 25).
  • Impending Victory Impending Victory - Instantly attack the target, causing [ 50% of Attack Power ] damage and healing you for 40% 30% of your maximum health.
  • Ravager Ravager - Throws a whirling weapon at the target location that chases nearby enemies, inflicting [ 254.4% 508.8% of Attack Power ] Physical damage and applying Deep Wounds to all enemies over 12 sec. Deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets.

New Talents

  • Storm Wall Storm Wall - When you take any damage, heal for 4.50% of your maximum health. This can only occur once every 10 sec.
  • Grudge Grudge - Rend deals an additional 200% physical damage and the Bleed effects of Rend, Deep Wounds and Thunderous Roar deal 20% increased critical strike damage.
  • Rend Rend - Wounds the target, causing [ 32.1% of Attack Power ] Physical damage instantly and an additional [ 133% of Attack Power ] Bleed damage over 15 sec.
  • Odyn's Fury Modifier Odyn's Fury Modifier - TBD / WIP. Not live yet.
  • Storm of Swords Storm of Swords - Whirlwind and Slam have a 6.0 sec cooldown but deal 100% increased damage and Slam generates 5 Rage.
  • Pulverize Pulverize - Onslaught enrages you and Enrage now lasts 1.0% sec longer.

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All these changes in the alpha for MW Monk I might dust mine off for DF content.  Some are rather intriguing of just reading the description.  I see changes for MM and Survival Hunter but very little actual change for BM.  Devour Magic and Drain Soul are interesting and would like to try those out as Demonology.  Warrior has me intrigued with some of their new talents and i'm curious of Odin's Fury which is not live at this time.

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