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Recommend casting class for PvP?

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I've been wondering, what casting class would you recommend me for PvP? 
I've mained rogue and monk for quite a while now and I think its time to change and start playing a casting class but not QUITE sure which! This is where I hope you are able to help me out :)
I quite like burst damage and high mobility, also to be able to get in then get out or sustain during it. I guess it is a BIT different for casters but yeah! Something similar or on the same lines as that I guess.
Is there such a casting class that you can recommend for PvP?


I also wondered, if you put Shadow priest and frost mage in a 1 v 1 situation, who would come out on top? I know mage's has the burst damage but priest's has the sustain / heals. Would the priest out last the mage or would the mage just burst them down? Just out of curiosity.

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Most generally, play the class you want to play. If you got friends you want to PvP with, you can read up on some class combinations if you are looking for suggestions. It is always recommended that you have a healer in the group.


As for a casting class:

As you played Rogue/monk, I would recommend a Warlock since they give lots of utility like a rogue (Blind-> Fear, Gateway), and have survival abilities like a monk (Self heals / Damage reduction / Teleport).


Mage should win against Priest if he bursts and controls the Priest's Devouring Plague correctly. If there are line-of-sight blockers, the priest can win by simply applying DoTs and pillar hugging+ fearing tactics

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it depends on if you want to do Arena, RBG, or a little bit of both. 


For arena: 

The generally awesome in every xpac ever:

Frost mage has always been one of the strongest. they have high burst, high mobility, lots of CC. they're pretty much the total package for arena. There's a little bit higher skill cap to being a good PVP frostmage than some other classes, but I've had  a friend straight up carry me and 1v2 teams at 2k+ rating playing a frost mage.


Warlock: Warlock has decent burst, awesome 'dot em and run' capabilities, a lot of fears, and the ability to heal themselves, and also you can give your team cookies. They aren't as much of a brickwall for melee as a frost mage, but they're more of a threat to other casters than a mage. The only downside I would say is that Affliction or Demo (which is what you'd be playing) sometimes aren't bursty enough to kill a really skilled healer without some awesome CC/interupts.


The situational / if you're good/ have the right team:

Ele Shaman and boomkins: Both ele shamans and boomkins fall into the category of classes that can wreck you if you aren't paying attention to them, but are fairly easy to deal with if you're focusing them, at least in my experience. They both have the added benefit of throwing off heals, but if you're at that point you're probably losing.


Shadow priests are good, but the best shadow priest teams are basically using them as a healer that starts off the fight doing a little bit of damage before reverting to healing. since they nerfed the healing a bit to make them less OP I feel like disc is the better choice most of the time.


For BG's the dynamic can change a bit. because when you're standing in the middle of a big group sometimes it pays off to be playing an ele shaman/destro lock/boomkin/ and be able to freecast and destroy everything that moves. but you're dead as soon as a rogue stealths up behind you. Frost mage is my favorite arena class, and my least favorite BG class.

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