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On 3/30/2023 at 5:25 PM, Divrip said:

Why would you recommend just using a +16 agi stone in the meta socket when Relentless gives +21 and 3% crit.... 

The meta Relentless gem is far better and should always be used. I just double checked my guide, I definitely recommend to use the meta gem. Where are you seeing that I say to use a red gem instead?

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20 hours ago, Divrip said:

Meta Gem Socket Icon Meta Gem, just use Delicate Scarlet Ruby Icon Delicate Scarlet Ruby.


That's the full quote. I'm saying to use Delicate Scarlet Rubys in your Yellow slots if you don't need the yellow gem color for your meta activation. At the top of the gem section, the very first line is that "Relentless Earthsiege Diamond is by far the best option for your meta gem"

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