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Dragonriding Talents

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This thread is for feedback on our guide to Dragonriding Talents in Dragonflight.

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12 minutes ago, SpareSimian said:

Can one acquire all the talents? I think I got all the glyphs and I still have 3 talents to fill. 

Yes, you should be able to acquire all talents when you collect all the glyphs, except for multiple-choice nodes where you only select 1 option. You can mouse over the Dragonriding Glyphs currency and it will show if you've collected them all.

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To access the dragonriding talents on alts where you don't have access to the minimap summary button yet, you can use the command

/run DragonridingPanelSkillsButtonMixin:OnClick()

Evoker alts can mount a dragon at the point in the opening quest line where you "rescue" Viridia in the poison room.

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