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Shadow dps review

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Hi guys :) As I've already seen there's a lot of smart players well knowing their classes and able to give advice so I'd like to ask for some.. We've been doing guild flex so i've logged it in order to get some info on my friend Zybt. He's currently 563 ilvl, got 50% haste, 4pc set bonus and legendary cloak as well as meta gem, but still his dps is quite low, he's not able to pull 200k sometimes..


We'd really appreciate if you could review his logs:



And there's link to his armory:



Thanks in advance guys :)

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shadow priests need PBI even though its an ICD trinket, but they also need an RPPM trinket like Black Blood or Toxic Totem. short of that, Lei Shen's trinket would be awesome as long as he can take advantage of every proc. that shadow pan assault trinket is one of the worst in the game.


he also needs to keep track of his dots and refresh them when his Lgem procs. theres an addon called Shadow Priest DoT Timer thats really nice for tracking the Lgem proc. he should also have a way to see when channeled spells tic, like an addon called Gnosis. you can use that info to wait until DP is just about to expire, and then refresh flay so you get a full insanity channel even after DP has run out.


He should also focus on using the 4 set for Death during execute phase. He doesnt need to delay a DP cast ever, but if he gets his third orb with Death, cast DP then immediatly cast his second SW:Death, then start Insanity.


if he has the resources to reforge and possibly swap some gems, he should probably only go for the lower haste breakpoint in that gear. As a goblin he wants 14305 haste. he may be giving up too much to get to 50% and just need more crit/mastery.

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As for the gear I guess is not that much of an issue, except for having bad luck concerning trinkets... Afaik haste cap is the #1 goal for shadow priests, and as he can reach it without going all-haste gems, he's still getting all socket bonuses etc. So I guess it should be fine. Correct me if I'm wrong. The main reason is that he's doing something wrong with his rotation and that puts down his dps. That's why I've posted logs of a couple of fights. 

Thank you for your response, however, maybe someone could take a deeper look at the logs?

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