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MW starting Heroics

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I'm dipping back into the brain trust once again:


We have a very capable Priest and Shammy in our group and we are all 570ish geared.  My healing is weaker overall, but I am the only one who can switch from healing to DPS as we move through Heroics. I have looked at getting to the 12K Haste level and can do so with gems and still stay at 40% buffed Crit, but have not done so yet.


Really looking for some glaring misplay on my part before looking at any bigger changes.





Latest Log: (This has is typical for me so far, Immersus, Protectors and I DPS Norushen no Healing on Noru)



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Glaringly obvious would be the amount of chi you are wasting by being capped and generating more chi.


Your ReM is outhealing your uplift by alot. You arent using uplift enough.


TFT look ok.


3 Healing 10 man content with a disc priest you are going to be doing alot of overheaLing due to the nature of absorbs.


Happy Killing :)

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Throughout the tier 3-healing has been a comfort factor for us, although we have 2 healed based on if we are missing a heal team member or not.  We pick up tonight at Protectors and will move hopefully to SHA.  Noru, I DPS on in WW spec and have 2 healed with my Priest teammate already.


I will work on the uplifts to see how things go and post logs again.


One outstanding item would be the value of moving to the 12K Haste BP.  I can get there with hybrid int/Haste gems and still stay at 40% crit. Thoughts??


Thanks for the feedback

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My Rule of thumb is highest haste BP whilst staying above 40% crit.


The extra haste will give you the extra ReM tick and in some cases more dps via faster RJW, melee swings and CJL ticks.


3 Healing you probably wont notice any change by moving Breakpoints. It will allow you to do more dps while fistweaving though.

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