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I'm looking for ways to improve my healing in SoO raiding. I'm never running out of mana, so I think I need to change my gems or something. I've been using Mr. Robot to tell me how to reforge and which gems to use. I have a log that people can look at, I'm Silandra smile.png http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/f4NrhHK9xJPaVz2b#type=summary&boss=-3


Any help would be very much appreciated. 

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  First i would like to point out that 25man holy priest isn't really my forte. Anyway, next i would like to point out your Power Word: Solace isn't used that often. If you're not going to use Power Word: Solace nearly on every cooldown, it's not worth picking up. To be frank, for holy priests, Power Word: Solace shouldn't even be up there on your priority list. If its for the mana, you're only getting around 6% per minute. You're not really saving mana because you don't even use holy fire that much (just to proc ToF). Personally i would still assume FDCL is best because it helps proc Serendipity, esp if you're not running out of mana.


  Comparing 10 and 25 man, 25man should have a higher reliance on Circle of Healing, Prayer of Mending, and Prayer of Healing. CoH, and PoM both have decent usage. However, PoH is rarely used in alot of the fights. For example, for Malkorok (and Norushen), i was always under the impression that you were supposed to become a PoH spammer. I don't do 25man so i can't confirm its effectiveness in 25, but i have tried it an 10man, and it works fairly well. However, on your attempt, it was only used 7 times in 4min; not very effective.


P.S. Are you using Shadowfiend? If you're having problems using it on cooldown, then you can macro it to CoH (or every spell)




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Thank you LostDignity for the things you are pointing out. I'm still learning to read the logs and I am surprised to see that I'm not casting some of the spells as often as I thought I was. I've been trying to use Power Word: Solace as often as I can. I guess I haven't been keeping very good track of it. Also, I get very nervous with the PoH because of it's casting time. I tend to hit instant casts as much as possible because I'm afraid my heal will come too late. Do you have suggestions on how to handle that?


I'm also going to have to look into how to macro the shadowfiend. Actually, how to macro at all (blushes). I do try to cast it when I can, however, I do get scatterbrained and very focused on peoples' health bars. 


I am grateful for you different suggestions and look forward to trying them out. Thank you. 




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