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Raszageth Going Down Low in Phase 3: Vault of the Incarnates RWF, Day 9

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Update: we have a brand new best from Liquid, as they get the boss down to 14.2%! 

We actually didn't see another set of nerfs for a change, as the last ones seem to have helped a lot, but whether it's enough for a kill very much remains to be seen. Both Liquid and Echo got the boss below 20% and visited phase 3, where we've pretty much seen all there is to see.

Echo started the whole thing off by pushing through phase 2 and into the second intermission, managing to pop that 3rd shield and see what's next.

They quickly got accustomed to beating phase 2 and saw the second intermission quite a bit, so let's take a look at an overview of the post-first-intermission mechanics, courtesy of Preach and Tettles:

Shortly after the above and some 6 hours after first reaching the second intermission, Echo managed to break into phase 3 and immediately got their best try on the boss yet at 19.6%, which would keep them in the lead for quite a while. So, let's take a look at a relatively clean second intermission and finally phase 3 - the last phase of the boss!

And that's pretty much it when it comes to the mechanics! The boss healed up as those orbs got past the players and hit her, so technically she ended that pull with a lot more than 19%, but that's less important than the fact that Echo would need to find a whole lot more DPS to take her down. Having concluded that themselves after a long post-pull-232 talk, they decided to call it a night right after that - their first and only phase 3 pull - around 11PM CET, so they could get up early today and push forward. Whether they were expecting nerfs during the night or not is unclear, but what is clear is that they did not come. The plan is for them to start raiding somewhere between now and 9:30AM CET.

Liquid also had a really good day, taking a while to warm up and get to that second intermission properly, but once they did it didn't take too long for them to push through into phase 3, with their first visit coming in at around 3:45AM CET, landing the boss at 35.3%:

Unlike Echo, once Liquid got a taste of phase 3 they just took off - but in a different sense, as they just had try after try bursting into that final part of the fight, and just 2 pulls after the initial one, got the boss down to 17.7%!

That was around 5AM CET and since then Liquid have had plenty of phase 3 visits, including one with everyone alive, but they didn't manage to get a better pull than the above, as the phase is still very very tricky. On a more positive note, we got a very festive update to Rasz as well!

Meanwhile we also had a World 4th on Broodkeeper, as Method caught up to BDGG and they are now both progressing on Raszageth, with BDGG having gotten to the first intermission after 94 pulls, while Method's best sitting a few percent above that, at 67 after 46 pulls. We also now have 3 Chinese guilds, Skyline, Jitianhong and Chao Jie fighting it out with US guild Instant Dollars over 5th place on Broodkeeper, with Skyline in the lead.


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2 hours ago, Migol said:

KInda sad that the world first race is likely coming down to "who's online when Blizzard makes another nerf?"

The two 50% nerfs. One to the shield and one to the add HP is crazy imo. IDK how you miss it by that much.

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