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A Call to Azeroth: Suggestions on How to Improve War Mode and PvP

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Warcraft community has come up with a website, which contains suggestions on how to improve open world PvP and War Mode called "A Call to Azeroth".


The site contains some interesting ideas including:

  1. Collection of enemy trophies from War Mode.
  2. Farming a War Mode currency and turning it in for unique transmog, mounts, and more.
  3. Faction NPCs helping in the battle.
  4. Exclusive War Mode rewards.
  5. Earning Honor and Conquest by defending/attacking strongholds.
  6. War Mode Hotspots.
  7. Capturing of outposts by gathering resources.
  8. War Mode Leaderboards.

We don't know if anything listed above will ever be implemented in the live game. However, Blizzard President Mike Ybarra and Game Designer Brian Holinka had this to say:

Placeholder for tweet 1606336174485671937
Placeholder for tweet 1606663697350656000

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war mode hotspots 

Now this is something i can get behind ! i would love to see some WM action in every expansion that resembles tauren mill vs shouthshore

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Uncommon Patron

I've learned to live with the fact blizzard doesn't care about PvP least of all WPvP. Ever since they found a way to turn PvE content into an e-sport they couldn't care 2 poops about PvP, it's not a coincidence that with the release of M+ we stopped getting a new BG every expansion, we were lucky to get one in BFA and that only exists cause it's a cheap Kirkland brand map of an island expedition so they didn't have to waste nearly as much dev time on it.

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So basically a return to BC style PvP objectives (Haala, Hellfire fortifications, Auchindoun towers, etc.)

Personally I'd be all for that, but it still doesn't solve the PvP faction imbalance problem which caused those systems to leave in the first place.

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59 minutes ago, Brightamethyst said:

So basically a return to BC style PvP objectives (Haala, Hellfire fortifications, Auchindoun towers, etc.)

Personally I'd be all for that, but it still doesn't solve the PvP faction imbalance problem which caused those systems to leave in the first place.

Exactly, Alliance is only about 35% of players and it's just a total population, remove those who aren't very active (or active at all) and it's a very small percentage. Can't fix PvP if players simply aren't there. Faction is still a factor so best way would be to make it free for all or shards would automatically turn certain percentage people hostile to each other, no matter their faction. This would be the way to have more equal fights.

So their solution here wouldn't work. One side would be complaining that they are overhwelmed 10:1, likewise others would complain that there are no players to fight and they can't even do some objectives as a result (if no one is there).

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They need to show passion and care with it than and make Wpvp feel more apart of the game. Most of the dedicated wpvp players are long gone since they killed the format of the game. They need to make it so that lost gem of gameplay can be sparked for the current community. 


They should make more unique cosmetic pvp armor, class specific rewards that look good. Make a pvp updated remake of the invincible mount. Make pvp a great way to earn gold by turning in dog tags. The old World Defense needs exspanded on and brought back that was the golden era of wpvp for me and my friends... Make it so there are map pings for ALL zones in the world that calls out in chat "Outlands (Thrallmar) Is underattack" Like the old OG World Defense alerts use to do before they was ruined it with Warmode and it broke. Make the WORLD alive again not just current content. 


REMOVE PHASING & Quefinder/Battletag server hoping once you leave a town while flagged for pvp. 


They have to make the rewards overly enticing so players have a reason and after that people will fall in love with it, since pvp has the most replayability than any other content look at WSG or AB been out for years and still fan favorites and replayed by some players thousands of times. 


For me personally wpvp died after WoD when "World Defense was broken in legion and eventually gone for Warmode in BFA" I use to only wpvp it was the entire reason I did arena to get conquest gear so I could fight players in the open world or defend levelers against horde that wanted to grief or cause problems. It was faction conflict and it was good. 


My friends and I would be sitting around the world or Stormwind and see alerts like this "Honor hold is underattack" Darkshire is underattack" Instaltly we would head to the location to punish the horde individual causing issues. Also GUILDS had more value, "help im getting camped at X location can someone help me?" Boom wpvp. 


I hardly play world of warcraft since I lost the fun in what I enjoyed since they catered to all the new players and took the War out of world of warcraft.



After most the things I said are implemented combine on the servers after server technology is finally achieved for one mega server. 

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A short to medium term currency?  How long before it decays or disappears? 

How many do you earn per kill?   Looking at the prices, and depending how fast you can collect them, are the rewards feasible to get? 

Is it server, battlegroup, phased, instanced because faction balance become a thing (again, remember the removal of PvP only on realms). 

How do you not force PvP on those that do not want to, take over Loch Modan as  PvP zone when not everybody wants to. 

How do you "exploit proof" the system because you know if there is a way to, players will.

Plenty of ideas look good on paper.......

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