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Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 Content Update Notes

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Patch 10.0.5 is hitting live servers next week on January 24. The first Dragonflight content update adds the new Trading Post feature, the Storm's Fury in-game event, white and gray transmog, and more. Check out the official patch notes for more information.

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Learn more about the changes coming in 10.0.5 content update such as the new Trading Post feature, a new in-game event, and more ways to add to your Appearances.


A new feature is making its way to World of Warcraft on February 1 — the Trading Post! Complete monthly activities to earn currency toward decking out your characters in cosmetic transmogs, pets, and mounts— with new items and activities introduced every month.

A new set of traders will be moving their wares into the capital cities of Stormwind and Orgrimmar—T&W (Tawny and Wilder) and Zen’shiri Trading Posts. You’ll find T&W just outside of the Mage District in Stormwind and the Zen’shiri Trading Post next to Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar. Our trader friends have pulled out all the stops and have set up their shop so you can view and collect new cosmetics each month!

To obtain these unique cosmetic items, you will need to acquire a new account-wide currency called Trader’s Tender. This can be earned in two ways: 

  • Automatically each month: Just by logging in and heading to the Trading Post, you can collect 500 Trader’s Tender every month from a chest called the Collector’s Cache.
  • By completing monthly activities in the Traveler’s Log: A monthly set of activities provides the opportunity to earn up to 500 additional Trader’s Tender.

This is just the start of what we hope will be a rewarding new system for players to further personalize their character and their experiences within World of Warcraft. We’ll be looking toward additional opportunities to provide the community with even more ways to add to their collections and express themselves everywhere they go in Azeroth. [LEARN MORE]


The Primalists are rallying some of their strongest forces to preserve their plans to dominate Azeroth. Head out with your fellow adventurers to seal their portals and defeat their mighty monstrosities.

The Storm’s Fury event will take place every five hours in the Primalist Future, located by taking the Temporal Conflux portal in Thaldraszus.

Brave defenders will receive Essence of the Storm, which can be exchanged for item level 385 rings, trinket, and neck, the Chasing Storm toy, a cache containing Storm Sigils, the Skyskin Hornstrider mount, and the Time-Lost Vorquin pet.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Archivists' Codex faction achievements to grant double achievement points. Players may see a drop in 20 points if they were maxed out with the Archivists' Codex.


    • Class
      • All druids now learn Swipe at level 10.
      • Swipe and Brutal slash damage reduced by 50%.
      • Feral druids now start with Rip instead of Thrash.
      • New Talent: Improved Swipe – Increases Swipe and Brutal Slash damage by 100%.
      • New Talent: Forestwalk – Casting Regrowth increases your movement speed and healing received by 5% for 3/6 seconds.
      • New Talent: Gale Winds – Increases Typhoon's radius by 20% and range by 5 yards.
      • New Talent: Incessant Tempest – Reduces the cooldown of Typhoon by 5 seconds.
      • Killer Instinct changed to 2 points, granting 3/6% physical damage and armor.
      • Nurturing Instinct changed to 2 points, granting 3/6% magical damage and healing.
      • New connection between Rake and Rip.
      • New connection between Maim and Tireless Pursuit.
      • New connections connecting Skull Bash to Primal Fury and Matted Fur.
      • New connection between Verdant Heart and Ironfur.
      • Wild Growth moved up and Remove Curse moved to the side.
      • Improved Rejuvenation moved up the tree.
      • Sunfire moved up and Starsurge moved to the side.
    • Balance
      • The Balance Druid tree has been redesigned.
      • Lunar Eclipse no longer increases the critical strike chance of Starfire.
      • Lunar Eclipse now increases the damage Starfire deals to nearby enemies by 50%.
      • Astral Communion, in addition to its active effect, also passively increases your maximum Astral Power by 20.
      • Umbral Intensity now further increases the damage Starfire deals to nearby enemies by 10/20%.
      • New Talent: Cosmic Rapidity – Your Moonfire, Sunfire, and Stellar Flare deal damage 13/25% faster.
      • Circle of Life and Death has been removed.
    • Feral
      • Circle of Life and Death damage over time duration compression reduced to 20% (was 25%).
      • Taste for Blood changed to a single point node that increases Ferocious Bite damage by 5% per bleed on the target (was a 2-point node).
      • Sudden Ambush changed to a single point node that grants 6% chance per combo point spent to cause your next Shred or Rake to deal damage as though stealthed (was a 2-point node).
      • Tear Open Wounds now deals 70% of the Rip damage it consumes (was 60%).
      • Rampant Ferocity damage increased to 35% of Ferocious Bite damage (was 25%).
      • Dreadful Bleeding bonus to Rip damage reduced to 15% (was 20%).
      • Relentless Predator reduces the energy cost of Ferocious Bite by 40% (was 20%).
      • Rip and Tear: Tear damage increased to 15% of Rip damage (was 12%).
      • Lunar Inspiration damage increased by 25%.
      • Tear Open Wounds directly below Primal Wrath on row 3, with a connector to Pouncing Strikes.
      • Survival Instincts moved to row 5.
      • Infected Wounds moved to row 5.
      • Lunar Inspiration moved below and to the left of Sudden Ambush on row 6.
      • Berserk moved to row 6.
      • Moment of Clarity moved to row 7.
      • Berserk: Heart of the Lion and Berserk: Frenzy moved within row 7 and connections changed.
      • Position of Wild Slashes and Brutal Strike swapped in their choice node.
    • Guardian
      • The Guardian Druid tree has been redesigned.
      • Ursine Adept is now learned at level 10.
      • Innervate can now be cast in Bear Form.
      • New Talent: Thorns of Iron – When you cast Ironfur, you also deal Physical damage equal to 30% of your armor, split among enemies within 12 yards.
      • New Talent: Raze – Strike with the might of Ursoc, dealing Physical damage to all enemies in front of you. Deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets.
      • New Talent: Moonless Night – When you cast a single-target ability on an enemy afflicted by Moonfire, you cause them to burn for an additional 10% Arcane damage.
      • New Talent: Lunar Beam – Summons a beam of lunar light at your location, dealing Arcane damage and healing you over 8.5 seconds. Pathing restructured.
      • Front of the Pack moved to row 3.
      • Flashing Claws switched positions with Reinvigoration.
      • Earthwarden, Tooth and Claw, Reinforced Fur, and After the Wildfire/Guardian of Elune now have connections into the final gate section.
      • Pulverize, Blood Frenzy, and Twin Moonfire have found slightly different homes.
      • Vicious Cycle, Fury of Nature, and Scintillating Moonlight have changed icons.
      • Added a tracker buff for After the Wildfire to indicate remaining rage expenditure until a proc occurs.
    • Restoration
      • New Talent: Forest’s Flow – Nourish extends the duration of your Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, Regrowth, and Wild Growth effects on the target by 4 seconds.
      • New Talent: Wild Synthesis – Regrowth decreases the cast time of your next Nourish by 25% and causes it to receive an additional 33% bonus from Mastery: Harmony. Stacks up to 3 times.
      • Forest’s Flow/Wild Synthesis choice node connection added below Nourish.
      • Nourish tooltip updated to reflect its bonus healing from Mastery: Harmony numerically.
    • Preservation
      • Redesigned the delivery method for Temporal Anomaly's absorb shields. Absorb shields are now applied to all allies it passes through, with absorb effectiveness reduced beyond 5 (was: pulses 3 times and heals 2 allies per pulse). Its speed has also been increased by 40%, and the orb will no longer slow down when it detects an ally in its radius.
      • Temporal Anomaly cooldown increased to 15 seconds (was 6 seconds).
      • Nozdormu's Teachings has been redesigned – Now reduces the cooldown of Empower spells by 5 seconds when Temporal Anomaly is cast.
      • Resonating Sphere now applies Echo to the first 6 allies it passes through.
      • Time of Need cooldown reduced to 60 seconds (was 90 seconds).
      • Casting Echo directly after Living Flame or Spiritbloom will no longer consume the Echo.
      • Emerald Communion will no longer cancel if the Evoker is disoriented or feared during the channel.
      • Emerald Communion will now properly calculate its overhealing value (it would sometimes heal less than expected). In addition, its healing to allies can no longer critically heal.
      • Emerald Communion now always prioritizes players over pets.
    • Marksmanship
      • Salvo has been redesigned – Your next Multi-Shot or Volley now also applies Explosive Shot to up to 2 targets hit. 45 second cooldown, does not incur the global cooldown.
      • New Talent: Tactical Reload – Aimed Shot and Rapid Fire cooldown reduced by 10%. 
      • Double Tap has been removed and Steady Focus has swapped to its position in the Talent tree.
      • Calling the Shots now reduces the cooldown of Trueshot by 2.5 seconds per 50 Focus spent (was 1.5 seconds).
  • MONK
    • Class
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Awakened Faeline and Faeline Harmony talents to grant less chance to reset Faeline Stomp than intended.
      • Faeline Stomp now always spawns with a minimum of 1 branch.
      • Faeline Stomp now has a 100% increased chance to spawn circles within its arc.
    • Brewmaster
      • New Ability: Spirit of the Ox – Your Rising Sun Kick and Blackout Kick have a chance to summon a Healing Sphere.
      • Stagger is now a baseline ability.
      • Resonant Fists damage reduced by 45%.
      • Keg Smash damage increased by 10%.
      • Tiger Palm damage increased by 20%.
      • Blackout Kick damage increased by 20%.
      • Spinning Crane Kick increased by 20%.
      • Breath of Fire damage increased by 25%.
      • Quick Sip now purifies 5% of damage delayed by Stagger (was 2%).
      • Gift of the Ox is now a 1 rank talent (was 2).
      • Graceful Exit is now a 1 rank talent (was 2).
      • Quick Sip is now a 1 rank talent (was 2).
      • Staggering Strikes is now a 1 rank talent (was 2).
    • Mistweaver
      • Revival healing now increased by 100% while not in a raid.
      • Vivify now costs 3.4% of base mana (was 3.8%).
      • Awakened Faeline and Ancient Concordance now linger for 8 seconds after leaving Faeline Stomp.
      • Rising Mist now extends Renewing Mists applied by Rapid Diffusion.
      • Invoke Yu’lon, the Jade Serpent now reduces the cost of Enveloping Mist by 50% (was 33%).
      • Echoing Reverberation now only requires Enveloping Mist to trigger an additional Zen Pulse (was Enveloping Mist and Renewing Mist).
      • Zen Pulse damage and healing increased by 25%, and now triggers Mastery: Gust of Mist.
      • New Talent: Sheilun’s Gift – Draws in all nearby clouds of mist, healing up to 3 nearby allies per cloud absorbed. A cloud of mist is generated every 8 seconds while in combat.
      • New Talent: Veil of Pride – Increases Sheilun's Gift cloud of mist generation to every 4 seconds.
      • New Talent: Shaohao’s Lessons – Each time you cast Sheilun's Gift, you learn one of Shaohao's Lessons for up to 30 seconds, based on how many clouds of mist are consumed.
        • Lesson of Doubt – Spells and abilities deal up to 35% more healing and damage.
        • Lesson of Despair – Your Critical Strike is increased by 30% while above 80% health.
        • Lesson of Fear – Decreases your damage taken by 15% and increases your Haste by 25%.
        • Lesson of Anger – 25% of the damage or healing you deal is duplicated every 4 seconds.
      • New Talent: Burst of Life – Life Cocoon's cooldown is reduced by 20 seconds, but its absorb amount is reduced by 40%. When Life Cocoon expires, it releases a burst of mist that restores health to 3 nearby allies. Choice node with Calming Coalescence.
      • Added a connection from the Veil of Pride/Shaohao’s Lesson choice node to the Rising Mist/Tear of Morning choice node.
      • Bonedust Brew removed and replaced with Sheilun’s Gift.
      • Attenuation removed and replaced with Shaohao’s Lessons.
      • Bountiful Brew removed and replaced with Veil of Pride.
      • Fixed an issue that caused a single point in Misty Peaks to provide less benefit than intended.
    • Windwalker
      • Faeline Stomp now correctly counts for Mastery: Combo Strikes.
      • Last Emperor’s Capacitor stacks are correctly removed on talent removal.
      • Glory of the Dawn is now correctly reduced by Storm, Earth, and Fire.
    • Class
      • Added a tracker buff for Afterimage to indicate remaining Holy Power expenditure until a proc occurs.
      • Fixed an issue causing rank 1 Seal of Might to grant an incorrect amount of Mastery during Sentinel.
    • Holy
      • Blessing of Winter has been redesigned – Now restores 1% mana per 2 seconds. Only castable on friendly healers.
      • Avenging Crusader now costs 5 Holy Power (was 50% of base mana), reduced cooldown to 45 seconds (was 2 minutes) and reduced duration to 12 seconds (was 20 seconds).
      • Tower of Radiance now causes Holy Light and Flash of Light to additionally have a chance to grant a Holy Power based on your target’s current health when cast on targets without Beacon of Light, increasing to 100% on targets below 50% health.
      • Inflorescence of the Sunwell now grants a Holy Power every third cast of Holy Light with Infusion of Light (was 30% chance).
      • Tyr's Deliverance healing increased by 25%.
      • Afterimage no longer triggers Awakening or Divine Purpose.
      • Avenging Crusader can now trigger and consume Divine Purpose.
      • Empyrean Legacy and Avenging Crusader now display on the Personal Resource Bar.
    • Class
      • Surge of Light now properly triggers from all healing spells.
      • Vampiric Embrace is no longer on the global cooldown.
      • San’layn now also causes Sanguine Teachings to grant an additional 2% Leech.
      • Manipulation can now be triggered by Discipline's Power Word: Solace and Mind Blast, and Shadow's Mind Flay and Mind Flay: Insanity. 
      • New Talent: Petrifying Scream – Psychic Scream causes enemies to tremble in place instead of fleeing in fear.
      • New Talent: Sanguine Teachings – Increases Leech by 3%. On a choice node with Vampiric Embrace.
      • The root effect of Void Tendrils is now displayed on enemy nameplates.
    • Discipline
      • Pain Transformation now causes Pain Suppression to heal your target for 25% of maximum health (was 12%).
      • Protector of the Frail now also grants Pain Suppression an additional charge.
      • Light’s Wrath now costs 2% of base mana.
      • Power Word: Solace damage reduced by 15%.
      • Mind Blast now costs 1.6% of base mana (was 2.5%).
      • Painful Punishment now increases the duration of Shadow Word: Pain or Purge the Wicked by 1.5 seconds (was 0.7 seconds).
      • Embrace Shadow now increases the duration of Shadow Covenant by 8 seconds (was 4 seconds).
      • Twilight Corruption has been redesigned – Shadow Covenant increases the damage and healing of Shadow spells by an additional 10%.
      • Shadow Covenant now converts Penance to a Shadow spell.
      • Dark Reprimand (Shadow Penance) can now be cast on allies.
      • Stolen Psyche has been redesigned and renamed to Abyssal Reverie – Atonement heals for 10%/20% more when activated by Shadow spells.
      • Train of Thought causes Power Word: Solace to trigger a cooldown reduction for Penance in addition to Smite.
      • Blaze of Light increases the damage of Power Word: Solace in addition to Smite and Penance.
      • Weal and Woe increases the damage of Power Word: Solace in addition to Smite.
      • Wrath Unleashed increases the damage of Power Word: Solace in addition to Smite.
      • Harsh Discipline can trigger from Power Word: Solace and Mind Blast in addition to Smite. This talent is no longer tracked through Smite and instead appears on the Personal Resource Display.
      • Void Summoner can now trigger from Power Word: Solace in addition to Smite, Mind Blast, and Penance.
      • Added a few connections to the sides of row 6 to row 8 for Discipline.
      • Fixed an issue preventing Dark Reprimand from consuming Power of the Dark Side.
    • Holy
      • Burning Vehemence is now a 2-point talent and has been redesigned – Increases the damage of Holy Fire by 15%/30%. Holy Fire deals 15%/30% of its initial damage to all nearby enemies within 12 yards of your target. Damage reduced beyond 5 targets.
      • Prayers of the Virtuous now increases the maximum stack count of Prayer of Mending by 2 per point.
      • Burning Vehemence and Searing Light have swapped positions in the talent tree.
      • Searing Light is now a 1-point talent (was 2).
    • Shadow
      • Divine Star now generates 6 Insanity.
      • Halo now generates 10 Insanity.
      • Mindgames now generates 10 Insanity.
      • Psychic Link now also functions with Mind Games, Void Bolt, and Void Torrent. 
      • Resolved an issue causing the Shadow versions of Halo and Divine Star to cost less mana than the Holy versions.
    • Class
      • All rogues now learn Feint at level 12.
      • New Talent: Unbreakable Stride (Passive) – Reduces the duration of movement slowing effects by 30%.
      • Sepsis now grants 1 use of a Stealth ability immediately, in addition to its previous effects.
      • Elusiveness/Cheat Death choice node has moved up to row 2, taking the position where Feint used to be.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Improved Garrote's cooldown removal from taking effect when casting Garrote using Sepsis' Stealth ability effect.
    • Assassination
      • New Talent: Arterial Precision (Passive) – Shiv strikes 4 additional nearby enemies and increases your Bleed damage done to affected targets by 20% for 8 seconds.
      • Kingsbane has moved and now shares a location with Dragon-Tempered Blades as a choice node.
      • Dashing Scoundrel now costs a maximum of 2 points (was 3).
    • Outlaw
      • Killing Spree now reduces damage taken by 65% while active.
      • Fan the Hammer's additional Pistol Shots now generate 1 fewer combo point.
    • Subtlety
      • Invigorating Shadowdust now reduces affected cooldowns by 15/30 seconds (was 10/20 seconds). Effectiveness reduced by 50% in PvP combat.
    • Class
      • Mana Spring Totem has been renamed to Mana Spring and is now a passive effect. 
    • Restoration
      • Healing Tide Totem healing now increased by 100% while not in a raid.
    • Class
      • Soulkeeper has been redesigned – Summons a Soulkeeper that consumes all Tormented Souls you’ve collected, blasting nearby enemies for Chaos damage per soul consumed over 8 seconds. You collect Tormented Souls from each target you kill and occasionally escaped souls you previously collected.
      • Inquisitor’s Gaze is now passive and has been redesigned – Your spells and abilities have a chance to summon an Inquisitor’s Eye that deals Chaos damage over time.
    • Affliction
      • New Talent: Focused Malignancy – Malefic Rapture deals 15/30% increased damage to targets suffering from Unstable Affliction.
      • Soul Swap has been redesigned – Copies your damage over time effects from the target, preserving their duration. Your next use of Soul Swap within 10 seconds will exhale a copy of the effects onto a new target.
      • Soul Tap has been removed.
      • Pandemic Invocation has been moved to row 6 and is now a 1 rank talent.
    • Demonology
      • Felstorm, Guillotine, and Demonic Strength now place one another on cooldown:
        • Felstorm places Guillotine and Demonic Strength on cooldown for 5 seconds.
        • Demonic Strength places Felstorm and Guillotine on cooldown for 5 seconds.
        • Guillotine places Felstorm and Demonic Strength on cooldown for 8 seconds.
    • Destruction
      • Ashen Remains now causes Chaos Bolt, Incinerate, and Shadowburn to deal 5/10% increased damage to targets afflicted by Immolate.
      • Eradication now causes Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn to increase the damage you deal to the target by 5/10%.
      • Burn to Ashes now causes Chaos Bolt and Rain of Fire to increase the damage of your next 2 Incinerates by 15/30% and Shadowburn to increase the damage of your next Incinerate by 15/30%.
    • Arms
      • New Talent: Improved Slam – Slam has a 10% increased chance to critically strike and deals 30% increased critical strike damage.
      • New Talent: Spiteful Serenity – Colossus Smash and Avatar's durations are doubled but their damage bonuses are reduced by 50%.
      • New Talent: Strength in Arms – Overpower has a 10% increased critical strike chance and on enemies below 35% health and generates 8 Rage.
      • Defensive Stance is now talented by default.
      • Sweeping Strikes is now baseline.
      • Improved Sweeping Strikes now lasts 6 seconds (was 5 seconds).
      • Improved Overpower and Battlelord now also increase the damage of Dreadnaught.
      • Battlelord's chance to reset the cooldown of Mortal Strike or Cleave increased to 35% (was 25%).
      • Battlelord now increases the damage of Overpower by 35% (was 25%).
      • Skullsplitter now causes Deep Wounds to expire instantly.
      • Tide of Blood now only causes Rend to expire instantly as Deep Wounds is built into Skullsplitter.
      • Fatal Mark duration increased to 120 seconds (was 60 seconds).
      • Storm of Swords causes Whirlwind to cost 20 more Rage (was 30).
      • Shuffled the positions of some nodes towards the end of the tree and added some new connections to try and aid the creation of more general builds.
      • Valor in Victory now only 1 rank and now provides 1% Versatility and reduces the cooldown of Die by the Sword by 30 seconds.
      • Improved Mortal Strike removed from the tree.
      • Ignore Pain has been added to the Arms tree.
    • Fury
      • Onslaught damage increased by 40% and now generates 30 Rage (was 25).
      • Tenderize causes Enrage to last 2 seconds longer (was 1 second).
      • Storm of Steel's Ravager damage reduced by 30% (was 40%) and Rage granted increased to 20 (was 15).
      • Frenzied Flurry increases auto-attack damage with one-handed weapons by 30% (was 5%).
      • Unbridled Ferocity causes Onslaught to trigger Recklessness in addition to Rampage.
      • Storm of Swords Whirlwind damage increased by 80% (was 70%).
      • Anger Management now also decreases the cooldown of Ravager.
      • Duration of Avatar and Recklessness caused by Berserker's Torment is now 8 seconds (was 4 seconds).


  • New rare enemies and NPCs can now be found in the elite areas of Nokhudon Hold, Imbu, Cobalt Assembly, Tyrhold, and the Primalist Future.
  • Some rare enemies that showed up on the zone maps outside the elite areas, have had their cadence changed to 1 spawned every 30 minutes (was 2 spawned every 2 hours). The health of these rares has been increased as well so players have more time to get to them before they are defeated.
  • The new elite area rares and the more scheduled rares have rewards on par with the the elite rares found in Obsidian Citadel or Brackenhide Hollow.
  • The newly trained Draenei, Lightforged Draenei, Tauren, and Highmountain Tauren that now specialize in rogue and mage classes are now located in major capital cities (Stormwind and Orgrimmar) and in their racial cities (Thunder Bluff and the Exodar). Additionally, a Tauren rogue can be found in the Rogue class hall.


    • Additional cosmetics are now available for Trial of Style Tokens at Transmogrifier vendors.
    • Lunar New Year has begun! A new achievement, Elders of the Dragon Isles, can be earned by honoring the Elders located across the Dragon Isles.


    • Fixed an issue where, in some rare cases, players would get less loot than they should have on certain Raid sizes.
    • Fixed an issue where players could unconditionally roll Need on Set Tokens. The system will now check if the player owns the Token or the Set Piece itself at equal or greater power.
    • Players can no longer roll Need on any Profession recipe that they have already learned.
    • Players can no longer unconditionally roll Need on 1-hand weapons (or 2-hand for a Warrior in Fury loot spec).
      • Developers' note: The system will now thoroughly identify if you can dual-wield the weapon in question, based on your loot spec. If you can, and you already have two versions of it at least as powerful as the item being rolled for, you can't Need the item.
  • The Revival Catalyst is now available to turn gear earned from the Great Vault, Mythic+, Raids, PvP, Tier 2 (Epic) Storms, Tier 2 War Mode, and World Bosses into the corresponding tier gear for that slot. Travel to the northern side of Tyrhold in Thaldraszus to find the Revival Catalyst located next the NPC Antuka.
    • Each week, an account-wide quest will be available which awards a charge to the Revival Catalyst. Progress towards this quest will require players to complete relevant Raid, Mythic+, PvP, and/or world content. This can be done on a single character or combined across multiple characters on the account. Completion will then award a separate charge for each character on the account which includes any characters that get created in the future! The total number of charges that can be stored for an individual character is currently capped at 6. If a character vendored, disenchanted, or destroyed a Dragonflight Season 1 item that you want to use for this system, please visit the World of Warcraft Item Restoration page for assistance.
  • Common (white) and Poor (grey) quality equipment can now be used for transmogrification. These items will now become bind-on-equip.
  • Enchant illusions can now be applied on Artifact weapons.
  • New Toy: Reusable Oversized Bobber – Acquired from catching 100 fish with the Oversized Bobber. The toy version supports all bobbers in your toy collection and will automatically work with new bobber additions.
  • Former new character starter equipment has returned and can be found at vendors in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Pay a visit to a local shop relevant to your armor type and see what they have in stock!
  • Polearms from Shadowlands and Dragonflight have been adjusted to sit lower on the player’s back when sheathed. We'll be looking into adjusting additional polearms from previous expansions in a future update.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the lightning visual effect from appearing on some Mythic class set and Elite PvP items.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some players to not be able to purchase the Explorer's League Banner toy at Rank 19 with the Dragonscale Expedition.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause no options for Demon Hunters, Hunters, and Rogues on the quest Mysteries in Paper and Glass from Giera at Rank 25 with the Valdrakken Accord.


  • The Mage Tower has returned – Interested adventurers can speak to War Councilor Victoria at Deliverance Point in the Broken Shore to test their skills in one of seven unique challenges. Defeat the challenges to earn epic rewards, including Legion-themed class-specific armor set appearances, Guardian Druid Fel Wearbear Form, achievements, and the wondrous Soaring Spelltome mount. The Mage Tower is recommended for level 70 adventurers.


  • War Mode can now be toggled on while in Valdrakken in addition to Orgrimmar and Stormwind.
    • Several changes have been made to improve how our system handles players who leave matches:
      • Rating will be calculated per-round in games with leavers.
      • Matchmaking Value for each player in a match will be displayed on the scoreboard.
      • A warning prompt will display the penalties for leaving if a player attempts to leave a match.
      • Players who leave excessively will be subject to account review and suspensions, as abandoning matches repeatedly is a violation of the terms of service via exploiting functionality to the detriment of the game environment and the intended player experience.
    • Precognition duration increased to 5 seconds (was 4 seconds) and now also prevents cast pushback.
    • DRUID
      • Feral
        • Freedom of the Herd (PvP Talent) no longer provides a cooldown reduction to Stampeding Roar (was 15 seconds).
    • EVOKER
      • Preservation
        • Dream Projection (PvP Talent) healing reduced by 35%. Cooldown reduced to 60 seconds (was 90 seconds).
        • Chrono Loop (PvP Talent) will now display as a large icon on unit frames and now has a more noticeable effect on the player.
    • MONK
      • Mistweaver
        • Chrysalis (PvP Talent) now reduces Life Cocoon’s cooldown by 30 seconds (was 45 seconds).
      • Reckoning (PvP Talent) now highlights Judgment when active.


  • All professions have had the requirements to unlock specializations reduced.
    • Professions with 3 specialization trees have had their final unlock reduced to profession level 75 (was 100).
    • All professions with 4 specialization trees have had their final two unlocks reduced to profession level 60/75 (was 75/100).
  • Portals from Overload Titan-Touched nodes should more consistently take you to a new location.
  • Overload Elemental Deposit and Overload Elemental Herb has been slightly redesigned:
    • Overloading cooldown is no longer modified by gathering mining or herb nodes.
    • Overload is now taught to all Miners and Herbalists after collecting their first Elemental themed node.
    • Mastering the Elements unlock point now restores Overload cooldown reduction functionality.
      • Developers' note: Overload offers the occasional moment to allow gatherers to not only change up their gameplay, but also to gain a nice bonus of extra elemental reagents. Requiring a specialization investment to engage with the system felt too restrictive and also did not offer all Gatherers the same opportunity to try something new. By shifting the cooldown reduction onto the unlock point and unlocking the spell for all Gatherers, everyone has an opportunity to participate but also get a better understanding of what the feature is offering before investing points into the specialization tree.
  • Profession requirements for many transmog-eligible pieces have been adjusted or removed entirely.
    • Most items that previously required a profession other than Engineering no longer have a requirement.
    • Engineering items have had their skill requirement reduced to 1 of their appropriate expansion.
    • Gnomish and Goblin engineering are no longer required to transmog any Engineering appearances.
    • Acquisition method for all of these items remains unchanged.
  • Warlords of Draenor crafted item appearances have returned. You can purchase recipes for Optional Reagents for each relevant profession from the vendors in your garrison or in Ashran that cost Secrets of [Profession] tomes that are the old daily cooldown craft. Use the Optional Reagents when crafting Warlords of Draenor crafted gear to convert them into the new appearance.
  • Legacy leatherworking patterns for Heavy Scorpid gear that were lost to the Cataclysm can once again drop from Blackrock Orcs in the Burning Steppes.
  • Pattern: Raptor Hide Harness and Pattern: Raptor Hide Belt can now both be learned by players of either faction.
  • The legacy recipe for delicious Goldthorn Tea can once again be acquired by observant adventurers in Razorfen Downs.
    • Multiple charge cooldowns will now list the time of when the next charge will be available.
    • Track recipe checkbox is available for recrafting.
    • Enchanting items will now display an "Enchantment" prefix text in the Crafted Items window.
    • Added "Use Highest Quality Reagent" checkbox to customer.
    • Added option to reject an order by right-clicking on it under Personal orders tab.
    • "Open All" for crafting order mail will now auto-delete the mail after receiving the item.
    • Minimap will now show personal crafting order notifications.
    • There is now a confirmation dialogue when placing a crafting order for an item the player cannot equip.


  • Experience Bars, Equipment Durability, Bags, and the Micro Button Bar can now be adjusted in Edit Mode.
  • You can now use arrow keys to fine-tune the placement of elements in Edit Mode.
  • Major Factions map icons are slightly reduced in size to improve map visibility.
  • The Dragonflight Great Vault now uses new art specific to Dragonflight.
  • Dragonriding world quests have a new racing icon.
  • Added tools to assist with Motion Sickness while Dragonriding to the Options > Accessibility > General panel (under Dragonriding Motion Sickness).
    • Focal Circle: Adds a focal circle crosshair to the center of the players screen that helps players focus on a more restricted area to address motion sickness.
    • Landscape Darkening: Applies a darkening effect around the outside of the screen as the player accelerates.
    • When enabled, the Focal Circle and Landscape Darkening also display for those using Ride Along.
  • Added tools to assist those with sensitivity to Dragonriding's visual effects to the Options > Accessibility > General panel.
    • Dragonriding Speed Effects: Disables the visual effects that occur around the player's drake while moving at high speeds.
    • Alternate Full Screen Effects: This option, which hides the speed visual effects on the edges of the screen, has been renamed "Photosensitivity Mode".
  • Bank bags background color has been adjusted to be different from inventory bags.
  • Minimap target icon border will be suppressed while in combat.
  • Audio Channels and Audio Cache Size options have been moved down in the Options > Audio menu.
  • The icons for “find fish”, “find minerals”, and “find herbs” have been updated on the minimap filter list.
  • Fixed an issue where the heal absorb bar did not display on Unit Frames.
  • Fixed an issue where the Flag Carrier Unit Frames did not appear in Capture the Flag battlegrounds.
    • The Reset Talents button now lets you reset one tree at a time.
    • You can now copy someone’s build when inspecting their talents.
    • History nodes have a more visually distinct outline.
    • Hidden action bars are now shown when the talents pane or the spellbook is open.
    • The “Missing from action bar” search now specifies talents that are on a hidden or disabled action bar, or on a different stance.
    • When UI Colorblind Mode is enabled under Accessibility options, a plus icon appears on all learnable nodes.
    • The loadout slash commands (/loadoutname, /loadoutindex, /specname, /specindex) are now localized.
    • Fixed an issue where talent tooltips were appearing above the PvP talents flyout.
    • Fixed an issue where unlearning a talent would clear active searches.


  • Added item tooltip to Auction House purchase confirmations.
  • Fixed some issues with Auction House battle pet filtering and display.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some players from viewing their characters.




To view all content update notes, click here.

For World of Warcraft customer support, please visit our Support Site or our Customer Support discussion forum. If you’ve found a bug, please let us know about it in our Bug Report Forum.

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Changes to Evoker are going to ruin Broze healing entirely. The amount of Echo applications is going to fall off a cliff. Moving from a max of roughly 26 per 30 second window to a new max of 9 per 30 seconds. With this change there is just no reason to even look at the bronze side of the tree. Stasis is a unique spell but without the ability to mass echo its impact is dwarfed. So disappointing. I wish blizz would at least explain why this is happening. There has to be a better fix to whatever problem they're seeing.

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      The initial legendary consumable drops from Fyrakk. Apparently, it has an increased drop chance on higher difficulties. Once equipped, players will be overwhelmed with shadowflame (Fyr'alath the Dreamrender) and must embark on a questline to unlock the item level 500 Legendary axe.
      The axe comes with two effects (please note the placeholder values):
      Rage of Fyr'alath - Unleash the Rage of Fyr'alath to charge towards your target and swing repeatedly, dealing 0 Shadowflame damage over 3 sec to all who would stand in your way. (Instant, 25 yd range, 2 min cooldown) Fyr'alath the Dream Render - Your attacks apply Mark of Fyr'alath, dealing 0 Shadowflame damage over 15 sec. Upon activation, Fyr'alath draws in the flames from all marks to increase its damage by 10%. Upon equipping the consumable that drops from Fyrakk, you will receive a quest and must visit a Shadowflame expert named Eadweard Dalyngrigge, located in Thaldraszus who will tell you to gather 3 components to withstand the heat so you can equip the weapon. This is very similar to the Evoker Legendary Questline.
      You must get the following items obtainable from professions/crafting:
      Erden's Glowspore Grip (Leatherworking) Lydiara's Binding Rune (Inscription) Shalasar's Sophic Vellum (Enchanting) However, they are to as easy to get as you may think...
      To craft Erden's Dreamleaf Grip, you will need:
      400 Zaralek Glowspores 3 Obsidian Cobraskin 5 Dreaming Essence 50 Mireslush Hide 1 Prototype Dreamleaf Grip To receive 1 Prototype Dreamleaf Grip, you must gather 200 Shadowed Dreamleaves from Superblooms. 
      The next item you will need is Lydiara's Binding Rune. This requires:
      10 Shadowflame Essence 250 Cosmic Ink 50 Runed Writhebark 1 Prototype Binding Rune You must collect 50 Taut Tethercoils from Emerald Dream Rares to receive 1 Prototype Binding Rune. This isn't a 100% drop rate, so this quest may take a while to complete.
      The final item is Shalasar's Sophic Vellum. Crafting it requires the following reagents:
      150 Awakened Fire 100 Awakened Earth 50 Awakened Order 200 Resonant Crystal 1 Prototype Order Vellum Finally, you must gather 20 Radiant Flecks of Ash from powerful gear with Ashen Dowsing Rod. Basically, you're disenchanting Season 3 gear for quest items here. Once you've accrued 20 pieces, you will get 1 Prototype Order Vellum.
      Once you have all 3 items, you can presumably wield the Legendary Axe, but nobody has obtained it yet on live servers, so there may be some additional steps and quests that we haven't covered here.
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