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Vengeful Retreat Usage

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I'm wondering why vengeful retreat is supposed to be used in my Havoc DH rotation.  I do have momentum, but it just doesn't make sense to use vengeful retreat for the 8% damage buff.  It does an insignificant amount of damage compared to my other abilities.  It moves me far enough backward that I have to run back to the mob in order to continue attacking.  This loses time not only where I could be doing damage, but a part of the momentum buff.  I could fel rush back to the enemy, but that's triggering momentum anyway.  Why do people use this ability so much?  What am I missing?

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The answer is very simple. 

Rage Generation.
The "Initiative" Passive
The "Momentum" Passive

1. Vengeful Retreat is the most important rage generating ability in our kit. No Rage, No Damage. Simple.
2. You are getting 2 buffs (8% Damage + 12% Crit) from 1 ability over the next 6 seconds.  You can stack momentum up to 2 times (VR + Fel Rush is common enough) Which means you can extend that +8% Damage buff to about 10 seconds. Enough to get 2 Blade Dance's off.

You want to line-up your VR with Eyebeam.
A typical combo in Dragonflight is Eyebeam > VR > (optional: Felblade or Felrush) > Essence Break > Blade Dance > Chaos Strike > Chaos Strike 

This gives you +8% Damage and +12% Crit Chance on your Essence Break, Blade Dance and Chaos Strikes. Which hit very hard and if they crit give you huge burst damage.

Demon Hunter is a fairly simple class but it has its draw backs. People don't like the backflip mechanic because it puts you into danger and makes you have to play around mechanics just to play your class efficiently, however DH gets free damage from a ton of their abilities for relative ease of life. It's a trade off you need to learn to play around.

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