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Don't Turn Weekly Quests Rewarding Reputation Until Sunday

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Darkmoon Faire starts on Sunday and if you wait with your weekly quest turn-ins until then, you'll get 10% more reputation.

If you've already turned in the "Aiding the Accord" quest and the World Quests weekly this week, you're out of luck, but if you haven't completed them yet, you can wait until Sunday when Darkmoon Faire will start. The WHEE! WHEE! buff increases reputation gains by 10%, so you will end up with more reputation from both the weekly and bonus event quests.

world quest event.png

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Good for people, which do not allready have all rep's at max. I collected 30 Paragon chests on my main (accountwide tokens for the win) and about half of that amount was collected AFTER the hotfix so you can, theoretically, get dragonshards of wisdom and sparks, and none of that 15+ chests had any of the items, only 3 primal chaos each, rest of the rewards remained untouched, which still feels kind of awkward. I don't do all world quests anymore, hell its only about 12 this week, since we have the weekly, but if they do not change their agenda about paragon chests in Dragonflight, i do not have anymore interest in doing more than necessary, because 1k gold, no pets, no mounts, no transmogs or any toys for 7,5k reputation, is NOTHING. I'm sure they will do something on reputation, but for the moment, it feels really bad to do more. To have a small comparison:

7,5k rep = 1k gold

flying around open world for 15 minutes (even after the nerf's to grey loot), collecting earth, chests and tuskarr caches = 1,5k+ raw gold (no fish, other items, like sparks and dragonshards, in mind)

The amount of time has really big differences here and rewards are miles away from each other if we talk about time spent to reward gained. Imho they should take a look at that asap. But hey, i am just one of thousands, basically a noone, maybe they sit in their chairs laughing about my foolishness thinking so. 😄

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