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Druid resto needs advice!

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Hey droods, first post here and i need some help. My guild is trying to kill Garrosh 25m hc for 4 weeks now, im going with 2 priest discis and a chamy rest but i feel im not healing like them, duno if its my fault but can you give me some tricks for that fight? And if someone can see my logs and tell me if im doing all ok or if i need to do something im missing it´ll be great. By the other way, its better to get 13163 haste vs 13953? with 13953 you get an extra tick in WG with SotF but i cant see druids using this cap ohmy.png

Thanks for your time smile.png





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In the future, please use Warcraft Logs when you are providing us with information. World of Logs is almost a year out-of-date and doesn't provide very much useful or accessible information, especially for resto druids.


That said, here's what I can see:


Your Harmony uptime is could use some work - you want to push closer to 100%. Make sure you cast a direct heal at least once every 20 seconds.


The fact that you're having trouble with Harmony uptime indicates you're probably not using Swiftmend very often to use Soul of the Forest. Lo and behold, 15 Swiftmend casts in a 7:21 fight is pretty damn low. You should have close to 4 per minute, meaning you're missing at least 10.

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