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The Best Diablo 4 Beta Farm Spots

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We still have just under 2 days in the Diablo 4 open beta and by now many players have gotten to level 25 with at least one character, so it's definitely time to farm up some legendaries and get a taste of some proper buildcrafting! Luckily the Diablo 4 community has found some great farming spots, and we'll be taking a look at those today.

First off there's the one everyone's probably heard about, the lone level 35 mob in the Beta, Osgar Reede, who can be farmed for high level gear by imprinting an aspect on it so it can be usable by us lowly level 25 peasants. He always drops his mace, which is great for Barbarians, but generally you want to get pretty much your whole gear set from him for the highest power level. You can find him here:

Source: Jehl703.


However, good ol' Osgar won't be of much help with gold or legendaries to use to imprint onto those high level items, and the aspects unlocked in the dungeons (a list and locations for which you can find here) are always at the minimum level for that particular power. That's where the Diablo 4 reddit community comes in, as they've been discussing the best farm spots for a while, and while there isn't an exact consensus, there are a couple of really good spots:

  • Mercy Reach dungeon (in the North West): there are many elites at the start here and you don't even want to finish the dungeon, just clear the elites, of which there should be around 10. Leave the dungeon by using the reset all dungeons button on the map screen, which will also automatically port you out, and go again! (Source.)


  • Forsaken Quarry dungeon: high mob density and only kill requirement for boss entry (but you should still probably skip the boss). (Source.)


  • Malnok Stronghold: there are three level 27 elites in the Stronghold event, however, you need to not complete the event to be able to clear them again when they respawn. Alternatively, clearing the Stronghold gives you access to a new dungeon, Anica's Claim, which is also good for elites, has plenty of shrines, and is also a pretty short run (2ish minutes). (Source.)


  • Then there's the World Boss, but considering it's on a long timer it isn't really worth it. However, you can clear him several times per reset, if you're fast enough with your kills, by leaving the game after the kill and getting into a different instance after you come back.

If you're only aiming for legendaries, the ultimate farming trick is to have a group and split up (if you have builds good enough to efficiently solo in multiplayer), as you don't have to pick legendaries up at all, as they all get sent to your stash if you don't. And so your party can just cover a lot of ground and head to town after a few clears to check what you got. You will miss all the rare items, but if you're getting them from Osgar the level 35 elite then you don't really need these anyway (but the gold farm aspect is basically gone).

Hopefully this helps you to get some gear to get a better feel of some of the classes, as the Druid and Barbarian in particular are very legendary-dependent, and feel weak to play without either a few specific ones or a lot of general ones. You can always check out or class guides for some build ideas as well.

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      Spotted by AnyComputer, a Necromancer player had the item drop in Blind Burrows, and AnyComputer even translated it for us!

      Source: Melted Heart of Selig dropped today.

      This one isn't one of the more wanted ultra-rares, which may also be the reason why we've seen it last. Many players may have just salvaged it without even knowing it was something special, as it's effect isn't that impressive.

      As we already mentioned in previous posts, these almost certainly aren't the first ones dropped and there are many more than have been reported out there (just without image or video proof) so their rarity is a little over-represented. They are still very rare, however, and most of us probably won't be seeing them any time soon.

      The final 5 arrived in the past week after Harlequin's Crest was found relatively soon after launch. You can find them here: Andariel's Visage; The Grandfather; Doombringer; Ring of Starless Skies. If you really really want to throw a lot of time into maybe, possibly, probably not getting these, here are the spots for "farm" them in.

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      Killthuzad was running a tier 37 Nightmare Dungeon and really showcases just how easy it is to lose a character on Hardcore.

      Death Pulse does say that the pulse a monster leaves after death is "deadly", but this is on a whole new level! The goblin was level 91, however, so perhaps this isn't that surprising, but it sure was unexpected. Killthuzad's reaction is very much on point as that is definitely the weirdest way I've seen of someone losing their character.
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      This isn't necessarily (or even likely) the first of these that has dropped, but we haven't spotted anyone posting about it before. Now all that's left for that player is to get ANOTHER one with a better roll! Here's the weapon's non-Chinese stats:

      Blizzard recently shared some information on the 6 ultra-rare Uniques and how they can drop. We also saw a handy infographic going over where the best place is to farm for them over here.
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