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BM Hunter log analysis

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I followed the stickied guide and everything seems okay to me. Missing a few Kill Commands on Garrosh and my serpent sting uptime on Paragons is pretty low, but I can iron out those things over time. I was wondering if there was anything glaring that i'm doing incorrectly and/or should be tracking.


I'm Balorend in this log, only 543ilvl so not amazing DPS but I was looking at my cpm, casts and uptimes mainly;





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Ok, I'm going to look at Siegecrafter, as since you were not on belt duty (lucky you), is practically a single target fight.  If you can (and want further analysis), Malkorok is better for ST analysis.

Gear wise, you can't do much about hit, and it looks fairly good overall.  Head over to AMR (ask mr robot) for a few tweaks.

Kill Command Usage: 31/35 - pretty good, you can always expect to be missing a few KC due to not having enough focus when it comes off cd or by spamming another keybind when it does.

Glaive Toss: 13/15 uses, again, not bad.

98.66% uptime on SS, great.

5/5 Bestial Wrath uses, great.  Though you did delay using them for 2-3 seconds avg, I assume waiting on KC to come off cd.

Good usage of Dire beast, all used on cd.

Now for the thing a lot of BM hunters struggle with (that i've seen, and including myself): Focus Fire Usage.  It isn't something you simply use when you have 5 stacks.  You have to keep track of your BW cooldown when deciding when to use it.  IF BW is about to come off cd, save FF for after BW is over or down to >3 seconds left.  There's some math somewhere that shows that using FF when BW has >3 sec can be a dps gain (pet gains burst of focus, does an empowered bite/smack/other basic attack).  During BW, your pet will benefit more from the increased attack speed than you will from the haste.  Your first and last uses were good, but the other 3 were shortly before BW came off cd.  

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