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Tracking Combo Points in 6.0

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Long story short, some rogues had a conversation on twitter about the new CP system and found out that there's another way to track them now.


A few add-ons have been updated with the new info* and are working as desired (i.e. you don't need to have an enemy targeted to see your CP).


*CP stay on the rogue, but show on the target (because they've always shown on the target, so it's part of the rogue identity). Add-ons previously used GetComboPoints() to get CPs, which doesn't work without a target. The conversation with community manager Lore revealed that UnitPower("player", 4) is the thing to use now. Apparently, it also works for WeakAuras, though I've yet to try it





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It's not that things became unfunctional, it's that with this change my Weakauras can now show how many combo points I have when I don't have a target selected.


It's a small change, but a nice quality of life one

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