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New World Gets Scary With The Return Of Nightveil Hallow

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Nightveil Hallow returns to New World on October 18th and runs until November 14th. Baalphazu, the Marquis of Terror, will rise once again and must be banished back to the darkness. Players can earn new armor pieces 5 times a day and costumes 3 times a day fighting Baalphazu. Along the way earn Ichor which can be traded for even more Halloween-themed rewards.
New costumes include Adiana, Lost Monarch, Anubian Reaver, and the iconic Captain Thorpe.
Players in the MMORPG will also be able to search for hidden Treat Baskets in each town for a chance at new Baalphazu armor pieces (10% chance), Nightveil tokens 3 times a day, and a new item in candy, which comes in 4 flavors.

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    • By ShawnJackson
      New World has Updated to 3.0.4 on November 28. Turkules has triumphed over Turkulon, bringing this year’s event to a close. Check out the full release for various combat fixes, plus a change to Turkulon’s Claw.
      Let's see what exactly it updated,if you don't wanna waste time on farming New World Gold, you can buy it from a reliable third party gaming site like Aoeah dot com which support 24/7 online service, use code FORUM for discount.
      Turkulon's Claw can now be repaired.
      Fixed a rare issue that caused the game to get stuck on a white screen or a very slow Amazon Games logo animation. We will continue to monitor this fix and make additional changes as necessary.
      Fixed an issue that allowed the Dark Ascent Heartrune to be activated and canceled repeatedly for excessive damage.
      Fixed an issue that allowed players to get stuck with a permanent Haste buff when using Arcane Vortex while inflicted with Slow from the Blunderbuss' Net Shot.
      Fixed an issue that caused the Flail’s Arcane Smite ability to not show a damage type when using the final Deflecting Frailty upgrade causing previously applied reactions to be inherited by the ability, retriggering them.
      Fixed an issue that allowed Firestorm and Pillar of Fire to be cast while mounted.
      Fixed an issue that caused Pestilence to deal extra damage when used with a Rapier.
      Fixed an issue that allowed Rapier’s Evade ability without cooldowns.
    • By ShawnJackson
      Turkulon Is Back In New World And Players Need To Hunt Him Down
      It's turkey hunting season in New World, but you won't be hunting down just any ol' turkey. Turkulon, the giant level 66 world boss is your prey.
      The Turkulon event runs in the MMORPG between today, November 15th, and the 28th. During the event, you can earn unique event-specific items. Thanks to player feedback from last year, more loot will drop and new desirable items will be available.
      Turkulon can be found in specific locations throughout Everfall, Brightwood, Mourningdale, Restless Shore, Windsward, Monarch’s Bluffs, and Cutlass Keys. Players have a chance of receiving the following rewards when killing Turkulon in New World.
      -The Grand Gobbler War Hammer Skin
      -Massive Turkey Leg
      -Feat-O-Plenty Food Trophy
      -Turkuless, Disgruntled Fowl Pet
      -Turkulon's Juicy Calves Boots Skin
      You can also hunt down and kill regular turkeys for a chance at Diamond Gypsum, Turkey's Treasure, and Turkulon's Claw Skinning Knife which can give you even more items when skinning turkeys.
      If you don't wanna waste your time on new world gold, you can google search Aoeah and find the way to get it easily, just check it out!
    • By ShawnJackson
      New World is lifting the limit of one PvP character per server with the game’s latest update, along with fixes, balance changes, and some global price localization.
      When Amazon decided to switch New World over to a seasonal model, with the Fellowship & Fire update, they implemented a requirement to pick just one “PvP active” character per server. They’re lifting this cap with the new update, with downtime set to begin tonight at 11pm PDT. Originally added as part of several security measures to counter exploits and shell Companies, “Our changes to Influence and other protections like Shell Company Mitigation largely reduce the impact of Alt Characters on Territory Control. If exploits appear we will bring back the restriction” but otherwise, it’s gone.
      The update also includes a number of balance tweaks and adjustments to improve performance and player experience. The patch will improve bandwidth allocation when you’re in a large group, which should help now that populations have been up some more since the expansion. Other adjustments include shortening a few mount races, fixing an exploit with bosses in the Elysian Wilds, and making certain artifacts drop again if you got disconnected before being able to pick it up. 
      Several weapons and perks get stat tweaks, and a few Heartrunes will be boosted. Dark Ascent, Fire Storm, and Devourer each get increased damage. 
      With Nightveil Hallow on through November 14th, The patch arrives in time for Halloween to fix issues that were preventing some players from completing it. 
      One change this patch brings is to prices around the world. “In response to fluctuations in currency exchange rates around the world, we updated our localized price points for in-game purchases outside of the United States to align with our retail product prices on Steam.” If you’re an international player, you should see pricing updates when the update goes live.
      If you don’t want to waste your time on farming, you can Google search Aoeah to get it easily!
    • By ShawnJackson
      The biggest recommendation when it comes to healing in New World is to set up your Target Group Member healing keybinds. Removing the Cycle Target Up / Down keybind might be daunting, but once you’ve built the muscle-memory to select group members quickly, you will find you’re able to react to damage and heal teammates much faster.
      Note: Make sure to only bind keys for members 2 to 5, and completely remove the binding for member 1. Target Group Member 1 is you, and there is already a keybind for this (default CTRL, re-bindable under Target Self) which makes it much harder to fumble and self-heal by accident.
      As a follow on to rebinding your healing, a great idea (if you want to) is to invest in a new peripheral for your PC - specifically, an MMO mouse. A gaming mouse with at least 4 thumb buttons on the side of it allows you to bind your Target Group Member options to these side buttons for the quickest possible reactions.
      If you need to quickly heal yourself, hold down CTRL before casting the ability, this will place the heal on yourself. This only works with the targetable abilities - Divine Embrace, Light's Embrace, and Sacred Ground.
      If a healing target is out of your line-of-sight but you need to heal them, you can instead start casting a heal on a party member who’s in sight, then press your keybind to select the group member who is out of sight, and the heal will end up casting on them. This is easier to do with Divine Embrace / Light's Embrace due to their cast time, but can be done with Sacred Ground if you’re very quick.
      If you wanna know more guides about new world, just Google search Aoeah and check it out!
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