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Uber Lilith World Records - LVL 61 Clears

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Just wanted to share I set the lowest level solo and solo 4-man records for Uber Lilith a couple days ago at the end of Season 1. Level 61 Barbarian.



Solo 4-Man


This took probably a thousand attempts and was my personal "endgame" since I got bored at 100. I wanted to set it at 60, but accidentally leveled and didn't care to roll yet another barb. Will probably follow up with a build guide even though the barber doesn't exist anymore which would obviously nerf my damage. In order to proc high dmg at this level took a lot of min/maxing of gear with limited options (all my gear is sub IP800 gear and didn't use any of that 800 IP Sacred gear. I was going to try to do a clear showing waves etc in phase 1, but honestly just kept glitching her into endless waves so decided to figure out a way to 1 pop her and added rupture into the rotation in an attempt to push phases quicker, then swapped back to leap for p2 mechanics mid fight. The barber procs on blisters chain react with barber procs on lilith (just like it does in dungeons and the intent of the barber heart-AOE). I think people just didn't pick up on this because I didn't see people intentionally using blisters/adds as weapons like I was doing. I wouldn't call it an exploit since it is literally what the heart says it does...but people will find a way to discredit this in their own minds, or have tried to thus far going off my previous shares of the acheivement.

I've gotten a lot of hate on this on other forums, but at a minimum it should show what was possible last season with enough effort put into it. The fight is hard, i've carried probably 300+ people through here to help them with season journey and I'm sure I've died to her 1000+ times practicing mechanics. GL killing her without practice unless you are just a god at the game.

Anyway, GL beating it, but who knows what this season or future seasons will bring. One day Uber Lilith may just be a little side quest, but I think the record will hold for a while. Thanks for watching. 

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