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Warcraft Wiki BlizzCon 2023 Group Interview

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Warcraft Wiki participated in a number of group interviews at BlizzCon and here are the highlights.

War Within Interview Highlights

  • Hero Talents should be easier to balance since it's an isolated system.
  • No plans for Mage healing / Warlock tanking on live servers.
  • Hero Talents will be evergreen for at least some expansions, the same for delves and warbands.
  • Account-wide reps are only for War Within. They are still deciding for what happens for past expansions.
  • There will be no Patch 10.3, but there's still more story to tell in Dragonflight.
  • They're adding a new "Warbound" item type shared across the warbands. Soulbound items will still be locked to the character.
  • More races/class combos are coming, but nothing to announce right now.
  • A PvP battleground taking place in the Ringing Deeps is coming in War Within. It's a hybrid of existing map types.
  • Earthen can roll all classes except for Druids, Demon Hunters, and Evokers. They will be about 20-25% bigger than other playable dwarves. It's the first time the Horde has access to playable dwarves.
  • Dragonriding talents will not carry over to the new Dynamic Flight system.
  • Delves will support cross-faction play.
  • There are no plans to change transmog restrictionsClothes can still only wear cloth, even if they can collect plate appearances. That is, if plate drops it will get added to the collection, but cloth wearers WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TRANSMOG PLATE GEAR.
  • The current plan is to add an outdoor route to the Great Vault for doing things like killing the world boss, participating in public events, and delve progression to determine the item level of rewards found inside the weekly chest.
  • The 3-day early access doesn't come with an advantage, any M0/weekly lockout will be restricted. It's to "stop and smell the roses, not to quickly get to max level as soon as possible".
  • No changes are planned for weapon transmog restrictions, but there's' been talk about expanding which classes can wield which weapons, as many Trading Post weapons cannot be used for all classes.
  • Outdoor content will have a separate tab in the Great Vault in the new expansion with rewards not being as high as Mythic raids, they are still exploring where the limit should be. 
  • Delves will have a sick mount.
  • Shadowlands Season 4 was successful, but they have nothing to announce in terms of Fated Raids and Dragonflight Season 4.
  • There are no plans to introduce sweeping class reworks in War Within. Right now the goal is to ship the best hero talents.
  • There are no plans on global raid launch in Season 1 of War Within.

Classic Interview Highlights

  • Cataclysm Classic will have the option for everyone to choose between old and new models, there's going to be engine updates. 
  • Cataclysm shipped with many issues they're trying to fix in Classic. Some of them include faster leveling from 1-80, faster patch cadence, account-wide appearances and more.
  • They've improved layering tech for better player capacity management for Season of Discovery.
  • Runes will be per character at launch.
  • Cataclysm will release with Patch 4.3.
  • Season of Discovery may lead to Classic+ elements. They are open to community feedback for future contend direction.
  • They'll decide on the future of Classic based on player feedback.

Make sure to read the whole interview here.

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