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Season of Discovery Will Launch With Fewer Realms

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Blizzard plans to launch Season of Discovery with only a handful of realms that will support a lot of players. The Season's PvP realms will be designed to maintain focus on faction balance as they grow.

Season of Discovery will launch on November 30 and Blizzard revealed their plan to launch with fewer realms and increased player capacity. Additional realms may be introduced in the future if SoD proves to be popular enough.

Realm names and types will be revealed soon.

Blizzard Logo(Source)

Hey everyone. I’m Fwoibles, also known as Tom. I’m a Senior Producer on the World of Warcraft Server and Live Ops team, and I would like to share what we’re preparing for the realms with the upcoming launch of Season of Discovery.

You may have noticed with the launch of Classic Hardcore that there weren’t a lot of realms. Was Hardcore’s launch a small experience? Heck no! Hardcore continues to be experienced by a huge number of players, and we have been thrilled to see so many players, new and old, join in to experience World of Warcraft Classic in a new, exciting way. At the outset of any launch, our goal has always been to create healthy, enduring realms, and behind the scenes, we deployed tech in patch 1.14.4 that allowed us to significantly increase the realm capacity of a single Classic Era realm. With this higher realm capacity and fewer realms, we avoided the need for disruptive character migration options as realm populations ebbed and flowed.

For Season of Discovery, we’re going to repeat this process. We will launch a handful of realms that can support a lot of players, so you can feel confident in your choice of realm. Please note: we will actively manage the realm sizes at launch, so you might see sporadic queues as the populations spread out and we ensure realm sizes remain roughly equal. If Season of Discovery proves hugely popular (as we think it might!), we will of course be ready with additional realms if needed. Please look forward to the announcement of launch realm names and types Soon™!

Another topic that comes up each time we talk about realms is faction balance on PvP realms. We’ve received a lot of feedback on this since 2019. We hear you, and with Season of Discovery, we’re going to try something new: this Season’s PvP realms have been designed to maintain faction balance as they grow. Yes, this is actually happening!
However, there is a potential cost to this faction balance that we want to make sure you’re aware of: if one faction is significantly more dominant on a PvP realm, there is a very real likelihood that faction selection may be temporarily limited on that realm. That said, our overarching goal for Season of Discovery is for it to be a fun and smooth experience, and we are prepared to change course if necessary. Your requests for faction balance have been heard loud and clear. This is a new direction for us, and one that we’re excited to try.

Again, this feature will only be turned on for our Season of Discovery PvP realms. You will always be able to roll either faction as you wish on PvE realms. We encourage everyone who isn’t committed to the challenges and difficulties of PvP to consider a non-PvP realm for Season of Discovery. As an old WoW veteran myself, I can tell you – playing on a balanced-faction PvP realm can be a double-edged sword. There are awesome and fun new challenges that await, but also the potential for hindrances that you may not expect. Your favorite farming spots might be a bit more spicy than you’re used to!

We think this Season is going to be a lot of fun, and these changes will help ensure every realm enjoys a great experience all Season long! And we’re excited and looking forward to adding some extra seasoning to Season of Discovery’s PvP realms.

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Sounds pretty cool and I'm intrigued with the "behind the scenes" tech they implemented for hardcore. Primarily, I'm wondering if that had/has anything to do with the DC issues people seem to be having (I've only DC'd once and did not die). Just a curiosity, not an allegation. That aside, SoD looks like it's getting plenty of love up front and it might be worth checking out.

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At least they're recognizing that PvP faction imbalance is real now. The devs spent many, many years pretending it wasn't a problem, even as many PvP servers were overwhelmingly lopsided.

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      The Warlock tank/transform rune has been found! Warlocks can once again turn into big purple demons in Season of Discovery, and we now know how to do it. Metamorphosis was the final missing rune of the 108, as all have now been found!

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      The implementation of the rune system in Season of Discovery brought an interesting side effect with it. You can actually lose your ability if the item the rune is slotted into breaks! 
      This makes sense generally speaking, considering SoD runes are basically just very powerful enchants that grant an ability, but spells and abilities aren't normally affected by things like this, so it may come as a surprise to players.
      Another interesting aspect of this is that due to the low level cap of 25, there are no repair bots available, and there won't be for quite a while. So, make sure to always repair when you see an NPC with the option, or you may just lose your abilities, including potential tanking buffs and other wipe-causing effects! 
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      None of the Above have achieved the world's first Blackfathom Deeps raid clear just 18 hours after Season of Discovery launch.
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      Blizzard have detailed some initial changes they're making to Season of Discovery, mostly to runes, but also to Ashenvale PvP and more.
      SoD (Source)
      Over the first 24 hours of Season of Discovery, we made a few discoveries of our own that resulted in design changes. We expect that most players haven’t seen much of this yet, but want to note it for reference.
      Season of Discovery
      Healing caused by Arcane Explosion reduced by 80%. We did not intend for Mage healing to trivialize content. The Explosive Shot rune ability has been redesigned and its damage dramatically decreased. Each time it deals damage, it now damages all enemies within 8 yards of the primary target. Chimera Shot damage reduced to 85% weapon damage. When it comes to output, Hunters are proving to be an outlier. With these changes, Explosive Shot should fill the AOE niche and Hunters should still be very strong, but also more in-line with the output of other classes at level 25. Adjustments have been made to the Ashenvale PvP event to allow it to start a bit easier. Please be reminded that there will not be much intrigue here until Ashenvale is teeming with level 25 players. Numerous fixes have been made to Rune acquisitions to make them less prone to bottlenecking. Fixed a bug with Twilight Lord Kelris in Blackfathom Deeps that was causing him to target pets with his abilities too often, including his Sleep ability, which should no longer target pets at all. Fixed a bug with Aku’mai’s Void Elemental adds that caused their Shadowbolt Volley ability to deal incorrect damage. Going forward, if we need to make changes that will impact gameplay, we’ll note them in our usual Hotfixes Update.
      We encourage you to let us know about any bugs you encounter using the in-game Bug Reporter.
      Thank you!
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      Blizzard has locked Living Flame and Lone Wolf SoD realms to new players in the EU region. Crusader Strike (US) follows the same pattern. Players who wish to enjoy PvP should select the Chaos Bolt realm.
      For those who already have characters on said realms, you should see no change.
      As a temporary measure to prevent further service issues, we’ve locked the Living Flame and Lone Wolf realms to new players. Players who have already established their character on these realms should see no change to their ability to access the realms.
      Living Flame and Lone Wolf are now labeled as “Locked” on the realm selection screen, and new players who wish to enjoy PvP should select the Chaos Bolt realm.
      Thank you!
      As a temporary measure to prevent further service issues, we’ve locked the Crusader Strike realm to new players. Players who have already established their character on this realm should see no change to their ability to access the realm.
      Crusader Strike is now labeled as “Locked” on the realm selection screen, and new players who wish to enjoy RP-PvP should select the Chaos Bolt realm.
      Thank you!
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